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Games like Somnian Stalkers

Blades in the Dark meets Dungeon Keeper - play as monsters and build dungeons together!
Learn the arcane arts of runic magic
Choose wisely: The Light, or the Dark?
A technomystic mecha RPG inspired by Filipino Mythology
Printable puzzles and games for kids. (Tested when I work at Mathnasium.)
Build your heroes. Build your community. Adventure for prosperity. A community-minded #SwordDream style fantasy RPG.
Print and Play Cards for a weird fantasy punk RPG based on PbtA mechanics
A game about quirky fast food social media accounts
Pets in the post-apocalypse (PbtA)
A Forged in the Dark Roleplaying Game of Evolving Monster Pets and Childhood Adventure
An unapologetically queer and neurodivergent magical girl (and guy, and enby, etc.) ttrpg
Inventory Management Card Game for 1-2 Players!
Lighthearted is a roleplaying game of 80s nostalgia, neon, & magic.
A game of petty small-town drama
A neutral community on the brink amid raging interstellar conflict
Memory & Loss in a crumbling utopia
Steal from the rich. Save yourself.
A Firebrands-inspired game about self-forgiveness with supers!