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Games like Etowr

Cyber companions were born to die...
In Which Our Heroes Make a Friend, and Fight a Tree
From making a cake batter to having an existential crisis.
A comic about Undertale, with an angry Frisk who fights monsters, and an amnesiac Chara who smiles way too much.
A slice-of-life / fantasy comic about two unlikely friends.
A small story about science~
A group of teens take on a hoard of neon creatures that have infested their school.
a game about moving
Interactive Fiction
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A Doctor Cat valentine minicomic!
A comic about a cat who is also a doctor.
the tale of a lonely girl's quest for wisdom
The story of a very dubious field of science and the people engulfed by it.
A Classic RPG Game about Learning How to Use Better Passwords
Role Playing
Um pequeno jogo que fiz
There's No Escape
Interactive Fiction
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A game about expression and killing time! Made for Free Lives Game Jam 2016. Art by me, coding by Kacey Freer!
Role Playing
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Among us? No. This is something different. There is one crewmate among us...
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the world is getting eaten up... will you survive?
Role Playing
A 1-bit puzzle game. You find yourself exploring strange islands in space...
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