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Games like Simplistic Low Poly Nature

A free asset pack containing trees, bushes, grass and tree stumps!
Nature themed low-poly .fbx models
Included are 31 lowpoly meshes. PC & mobile friendly.
A pack of 38 unique and high quality stylized low poly trees.
Game Ready PBR Tavern Interior Props
Free asset pack containing gems, diamonds and crystals!
Items you would see in an medieval torture chamber, dungeon or a workshop
Level up your Game Music with this music pack of 50+ Loops crafted with utmost care toward Hypercasual Games
Free Medieval Props 3D Low Poly Models for your projects
Free Winter Mountains 3D Low Poly Pack for your projects
20 additional enemies
free low poly crates and barrels
A Pixel Art Space Ship Sprite
A varied collection of various sci-themed environments and sprites
A space cave tileset for a platformer game
Structural and prop models for creating house interiors
Low-poly desert environment and props
A free asset pack with 2D pixel art sprites and animations, ideal for prototypes and student projects.
9 plants and 3 mushrooms in low poly style