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Games like Simplistic Low Poly Nature

20+10 sound effects, click and clack for your buttons!
An asset pack, comprised of a main character and four enemy types.
A Pixel Art Space Ship Sprite
A pack of 38 unique and high quality stylized low poly trees.
Included are 31 lowpoly meshes. PC & mobile friendly.
A Metroidvania Pixel Art Assets Pack
Animated 2D Character.
Nature themed low-poly .fbx models
Free viking axe character for you game
Various trees and rocks for your decoration needs!
Free asset pack containing gems, diamonds and crystals!
Realistic texture pack for your games
A free asset pack, comprised of several static and animated props.
A free asset pack containing trees, bushes, grass and tree stumps!
A few art assets viewed from the side.
Free Medieval Props 3D Low Poly Models for your projects