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Games like Skeleton Song

Two hours for one last conversation.
A rules-light absurdist freeform LARP about theatre
a Dream of magic and nightmares inspired by Charmed, Paprika, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica
An Objective Engines Game of Philosophy and Control
A game about giant robots and the people who sext them
a gmless rpg about revolution and community in the capitalist hell of the underworld.
A pilot has died, but the war continues. It is up to us what we should do with what remains.
But that all happened long ago, and now there are none who remember it
A game about our relationships with our bodies, our ideal selves, power, and hurt
interactive fiction about living with depression
A narrative game about wandering the Great Depression US, collecting stories, and spreading them onwards
Magical Princesses making messy choices.
A game about space truckers, time travel, and ambition breaking things.
Interactive Fiction
A puzzle game where you change the rules. Also award-winning!
A post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy tabletop RPG about building a better future.
comic strips about birds