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Games like Baldi's Basics The Old Laboratory of Failure Exp.

Learn with Baldi in his fully 3D interactive schoolhouse! ...Just don't get any questions wrong.
A mod of Baldi's Basics that makes EVERYONE BALDI!!!!!
if you want to kiss treat this game is for you
Visual Novel
A small demo of things to come in the full version of Baldi's Basics!
In a quiet night the protagonist's dreams are ruined by a constant knock on the door...
Baldi's Basics is 1 year old! Celebrate with the classic game, but with a twist!
A puzzle game where you change the rules. Also award-winning!
Dress up unique characters, play mini games, and gacha in Gacha Life!
Role Playing
Extremely short horror game.​
Interactive Fiction
Rescue the prince in a procedurally generated castle!
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D.A.W.J.I is a baldi fangame by fazmade112, its based on a fangame thats trying to be scary but isnt.