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Games like Sandy Pug Fiasco Playset Collection

A 5 page luxury TTRPG experience
a 2-player play-by-audio game where you are same character, in parallel worlds
A system-neutral supplement, featuring 12 unique magic items and 3 item creation tables.
listen to the ghosts
A Setting and Encounter Generator Pamphlet
A hack of Tunnel Goons for playing as Pentolan Gondolieri
A poetry-making game with made-up words, and some accompanying poems.
a set of randomizers for places of safety and domestic respite
A free pamphlet teaching how to make RPG pamphlets
A map-making game about queer love and its trials
A game of Sex, Horror, and Dentistry.
An analog adventure game for nice people
a solo microlarp about badass coping with dysphoria
An interpretive dice-match alternative magic system for use with fantasy role-playing games
a poetry game about loss, rage, struggle, and suffering, for any number of players
A quiet, thoughtful game about exploring ancestral memories
Fight to First Heartbreak
A d36 table of magic items
you take a train with a mysterious figure, an unknown entity of unknown power
A How-To Zine about Tabletop RPG Design
Stranded and lost, will you survive together or destroy each other? A GMless, 3-5 player game.