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Games like 2017 sketchbook collection

A small RPGMaker game exploring the life of a lost being from another planet.
Role Playing
A Detective Story Of High Stakes & Giant Monsters
Visual Novel
a short eggitation
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You are hurt, hang out with a necromancer, cuddle a moth girl.
Visual Novel
select your protagonist and explore a variety of terrible fates!
Visual Novel
donate blood for vampires! a visual novel.
Visual Novel
An advanced non-linear dialogue system for the free and open-source Godot engine.
A(n unofficial) tutorial on how to use LayeredImages
You are a cat who smashes things for fun.
failure can and should be fun
Zap polygon baddies in a neon, geometric glitch world.
a picrew made with candle's flickguy
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a short flickgame about being a medical worker
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Supposedly general, actually just about my life
A custom GUI made for Ren'py visual novels