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Games like Delicate Thread

​coming out safely simulator​
the lesbian road trip RPG of 2021
Role Playing
An illustrated light novel about squids, maids, squid maids, and gender feels
plan a spa day for your trans friend.
Visual Novel
An illustrated light novel about dealing with anxiety, cats, and gender feels
A mystery VN set in 1980s Miami, featuring a softboiled detective with a heart of gold. Solve crimes, kiss ladies & men.
Visual Novel
The deeper you travel the darker it gets, and you only have your arrows to light the way.
what is the line between friendship and romance?
Visual Novel
Gay disaster mech pilots killing fascists
Band Management Sim, with romance!
Visual Novel
Chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations.
Role Playing
Pretend to be a bard with your sad friends.
Interactive Fiction
A game about a trans girl discovering herself through fandom, chats, and the early internet.
Visual Novel
a young transgender woman goes to the hot springs.
Visual Novel
Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realist adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky.