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Games like UGUU Zine ♥ Issue #1

A brief series of wallpapers from early 2018.
A cute town and a cute bunny boy, leaving behind his calm life for something more.
❤ Cute Demon Crashers! Backgrounds ❤ [CC BY-NC 3.0]
Fantasy action BL VN with shota & crossdressing aesthetic, light eroguro (18+ ver. available)
Visual Novel
Trick-or-treating in a vampire's house.
Every kid has that one toy that scares them. Imagine if it came to life.
Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow!
Play in browser
a visual novel about a candy alchemist who one day finds a candy golem in her basement workshop
Visual Novel
The original Waitress Base!
the journey of a lady knight wannabe and her dragon friends
Visual Novel