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Games like Candelabra of Blood

A minty-fresh, portable micro RPG
Eight role-playing nanogames tempered by the heat of the slow fire.
to exist is to change - who will you become?
a spear-and-sorcery hack of Best Left Buried, SotDL, and UVG
A short zine about the miracles that happen when the monstrous figures go through town.
A game of goblin revolutionaries fighting elven oppression in a world of smoke and shadows, Forged in the Dark.
Kiss and/or stab your way to glory!
A poetic RPG about mutant vampires who are also bears. Oh yes, and you're all undead.
Deep in a Graven-Tosk Plague Pit you hope you will find your fortune.
A cozy little mystery on a rain-soaked island
Three full length adventures inspired by one-page, one-shots from 30 Days
A Persona-inspired ttrpg.
A solo journaling rpg about girls trapped on an infected island. Made for #WretchedJam.
A Vegan Cookbook, attached to a Lyric Game about the food that makes us
A GM-less storygame about returning home and grappling with what has changed
Find the seven keys and open the secrets of the Teknoskull! Or something.
A privateer journaling game
The 30 Days of MÖRK BORG Adventure Chapbook series continues with three more escapades full of misery in Volume 2!