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Games like Still Afloat

An Alchemy Supplement For Troika! Made for #TroikaFest
Backgrounds of the free people of Tor Othella
A Cursed Sphere For TroikaFest 2021
A Troika!fest mini-zine
6 Backgrounds for Troika!
7 free themed backgrounds for Troika!
Lost inhabitants of the 23rd dimension to populate your game of Troika!
Being a Lost Sphere of the Great Saurian Empire!
A TroikaJam Beta about going on tour with your punk/thrash/glam band in the 1980's. Rock Out. Get Smashed. Do Crimes!
Snail races in the Story Endingnever.
6 new backgrounds for the Other World's Favourite Roleplaying Game: Troika!
​Fantôme Fantasme - sfera per Troika!
Can you save the Sultanates from an awakened Titan? Do you even want to?
A Troika scenario to rob something like the Bathhouse from "Spirited Away"
Un supplemento per Troika! sul Paranormale Quotidiano di un Paesello Italiano
Booklet for Troika! RPG containing new backgrounds, enemies, and other goodies. Written for TroikaFest! 2021.