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far away players

a collection by angela-quidam · last updated 2021-12-22 11:59:53

ttrpg or writing (letters/discord/text.....)

and here's a huge (google doc) list of LARPs playable online

A play-by-mail melange of Troika! and PINK HACK.
A solo or group GM-less storytelling game using the Thousand Year Old Vampire System.

pbp option

The Suitcase is an epistolary role-playing game for two players, using everyday objects
un jeu de commentaires de voyage
Un jeu de rôle textuel dans la forêt de Millevaux

règles pour jouer sur forum

A letter writing game about belief and rituals
A present-day murder mystery for 6 to 9 people using video chat such as Zoom or Discord
Jeu épistolaire créé pour la JAM Un petit jeu de rôle 2020
A game about solving problems

playing through Discord or any group chat, you'll take pictures of everyday items to solve in-game weird problems

A letter writing game about 2 friends who have moved to strange new cities
A correspondence game about being alone

2 players

digital escape RPG

voice chat & wikipedia, 2 players

political AI zoom RPG

video-call for 3+ players

A surrealistic tabletop board game of the celestial, earthly, and aquatic.

annotating a painting

An interplanetary epistolary game for two
A Duo Journaling Game of Time Traveling Love

duo - journaling | based on Second Guess SRD

An epistolary game of vampiric grudges for two players
A discord-based LARP and mystery game!
Computer game archival by mail

journaling game to play through Discord

An online horror LARP about livestreaming

3 TO 11 PLAYERS. 1-3 hours.

requires video chat software that allows you to simultaneously video and private text chat

A remote LARP about heists and the inherent intimacy of radios
Zoom multiplayer drawing game
A postcard-based RPG where the postal service rolls the dice.
An epistolary co-op game about travel and longing, played on a postcard
A multidimensionalplay-by-mail game
A two-player larp about your final phone call at the end of the world.

2 players, phone call

Can two people fall in love with only letters and a friend connecting them?

online larp, 4 or 5 players

A postcard game about fruit and vegetables!
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