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a collection by CryptRat · last updated 2019-10-15 10:19:34

A collection of classic RPGs, rogue-likes, tactical games and other possibly relevant games.

Turn-based TRPG - explore and survive the Spire!
Role Playing

A full-fledged and handcrafted RPG, with party creation, a job system, deep turn-based combat and an interactive open-world.

Party-based Retro Fantasy RPG
Role Playing

A long and demanding RPG with party creation, taking place in a big open world and which requires to pay attention to details in particular during conversations.

Retro styled party based RPG
Role Playing

The sequel to the first Lurking taking place in the same living open world, Lurking II is a polished experiment which will bring you on a large intrisicate quest.

Explore the rich world of Nordic mythology as warrior, sorceress, or rogue, and stop the Herald of Ragnarok!

An amazing adventure-RPG faithful to the Quest for glory formula. Choose between 3 classes and overcome obstacles accordingly.

The ultimate old skool retro turn-based roleplaying game!
Role Playing

This huge party-based RPG is the spiritual successor to Wizardry 7.

Paper Sorcerer is a stylish first-person RPG
Role Playing

An RPG focused on turn-based handcrafted encounters where you build your party of monsters.

A freeware RPG.
Role Playing

An harder and westernized take on the classic Pokemon formula, with open-ended quests and a huge amount of content.

An Epic RPG
Role Playing

An open-world single character turn-based RPG with open character building.

A CRPG inspired by MUDs, roguelikes, & interactive fiction
Role Playing

A complex single character open-world RPG with a lot of dialogs, riddles and secrets.

Old-fashioned RPG/Adventure
Role Playing

An old school RPG with many fun tactical turn-based encounters.

A graphics intensive roguelike. Explore the caves, kill the demon, save one small pocket of the multiverse.
Role Playing

A complex rogue-like with an interesting character system and interactive environments acknowledging the character's stats.

A Monster Collection Roguelike
Role Playing

A successful mix between Rogue and Shin Megami Tensei where you get to recruit, fuse and summon demons.

Tiles by Oryx Design Lab - Descend into the Dungeons of Doom, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, and return to the surface.

Close to the original Rogue with progression based on items. Every type of item or monster feels unique and there's no dead time.

Adventure Role-Playing Game set in Ancient Greece.

A RPG with turn-based combat and a branching storyline set in ancient Greece.

Post-apocalyptic RPG in the Egyptian empire.
Role Playing

A puzzle-focused single character dungeon crawler where each of the three different non-combat stats unlock different ways to solve the puzzles.

Travel through time with big, punchy monsters in this 16-bit style RPG!
Role Playing

Inspired by classic JRPGs, with a roster of unique characters to control.

Turn based RPG with deep story.
Role Playing

A straightforward story-focused game with more than one ending where you play as mysterious pregenerated characters.

Classic-styled adventure RPG
Role Playing

A party-based dungeon crawler taking place in an intricate dungeon full of puzzles and secrets where the 3 protagonists gain new abilities by turning into defeated enemies.

old school retro style Fantasy RPG sandbox/open world
Role Playing

Open world RPG in the vein of Ultima series.

A traditional turn-based roguelike where you play as a ghost who can possess other creatures in the dungeon.
Role Playing

An accessible rogue-like where you play as a ghost possessing the enemies' bodies to escape chaotic battlefields.

Enter the biggest handcrafted open world of all time in the exploration RPG set on the Ancient Silk Road
Role Playing

A sandbox game with different objectives to choose from.

A turn-based exploration RPG where you lead a party of travellers as they go beyond the horizon.
Role Playing

A quite down-to-earth RPG focused on exploring and surviving in a world set during the age of exploration.

5e D&D roguelike
Role Playing

A classic rogue-like based on D&D 5th edition where you travel with AI-controlled companions.

A retro CRPG
Role Playing
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A full party-based RPG.

The lunch break roguelike of interstellar adventure!
Role Playing

A randomly generated space exploration game with permadeath where you deal with weird alien species.

A beautifully-polished dungeon crawler inspired by classic 16-bit RPGs!
Role Playing

An accessible rogue-like with high production values, customizable difficulty, an interesting job system and a fun way to upgrade items for beating an optional dungeon.

Turn-based dungeon crawling roguelike
Role Playing

A classic rogue-like with big maps and noticeable D&D influences.

An experimental fairytale & fantasy RPG with procedurally generated story.
Role Playing

An RPG with permadeath and an ever-increasing party in a living and reactive procedurally generated world.

Giant robot roguelike in space.
Role Playing

A space rogue-like with an explorable world, dialogs, missions and mecha fights.

A possession based traditional roguelike with turn-based gameplay.
Role Playing

An accessible rogue-like where you get stronger by possessing enemies' body.

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