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Stock Media Asset Packs, by Matthew Hornbostel

a collection by matthornb · last updated 2023-11-10 03:08:33

This is a collection of asset packs - 3d models, seamless PBR textures, video VFX elements... all sorts of stuff useful to creative people! 

This content also has recently been reorganized and made available on my Etsy shop here:


And some may soon make it onto the Unity Asset Store as well.

This collection is essentially often a bundle with bundle pricing.

At the start of February 2022, I will make this entire collection available as a bundle with deeply discounted pricing. If anyone is interested...

Water VFX elements - high quality!
HD clip of real-world falling snow against black, 56 seconds long

Real world flurries of light snow. A free one-off video element.

VFX element, explosion effect. .MP4 format HD.

Free little set of 3 explosion video Fx elements. 

A few free blood spray & spatter elements, as promised

A small freebie pack that not so long ago grew to become slightly larger.

Great elements for the spooky horror stuff many Itch.IO indie devs do.

3d assets for street scenes in suburbs, parks, towns, etc.

Want something aside from plants, that fills out a street or town setting? Well, this is my collection of outdoor manmade details. 

Winter and desert details

For the nature environments in your games that are either very cold (snow and ice) or hot (desert, sand) this nature asset pack is quite useful.

Assorted indoor contemporary objects

Furniture and interior detailing for your indoor scenes!

New update due at the end of January 2022 right before the next sale, with a few additional 3d assets!

3d models of lush green forest and floral plants

Forest trees, and various wildflowers and ground details, lots of different plants with very efficient UV maps and polycounts. As usual, in both .FBX and .OBJ formats!

Realistic 3d plants, in .FBX and .OBJ, over 25 items!

My first 3d asset pack and still successful in grabbing attention due to the pretty showcase renders! 

Stock textures and footage, a bonus batch for just $1.95.

The fire elements in this pack are useful in VFX/cutscenes, indeed I use them often in my own video projects. There are also a lot of good textures here too!

A big bonus set of texture maps for 3d artists.

Recently expanded as of 2022, this is a huge high quality seamless PBR texture pack.

Stock media - 1000+ seamless texture maps, decals, 100+ video elements

My very first asset pack released on itch.Io and still one of the biggest and most popular!