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a collection by MarshLynx 路 last updated 2022-08-07 19:28:11

An assortment of SRDs others have made available. 

A shared universe and fast play system to ttrpg & journaling 馃尃
A full breakdown of the system, along with one-page templates and logos.
A license to make your own APOCALYPSE FRAME content!
A Setting Agnostic Game System based on the GIST!
A d12 System Reference Document
How To Make A Bad Time Game!
A rules engine for tabletop roleplaying.
Guide for making games based on Transgender Deathmatch Legend.
Third Party License, SRD & Design Kit for Down We Go
An SRD for making your own comedic storytelling game!
A story-first, push-your-luck system for your games
An SRD for creating DELVE expansions
System Reference Document
A simple, core RPG system for any type of adventure!
CORE produces emergent stories that are character-driven, dynamic, and unpredictable
Iron Core is a rich dice mechanic for you to build your own games.
An SRD for building TTRPGs full of self-expression, teamwork, and difficult choices.
A System Reference Sheet with the essential rules of the first Edition of The Black Hack by David Black.
extravagantly chivalrous
An SRD about paying to make others pay.
How to design for Descended from the Queen games
An Open TTRPG System Based On Narrative Statements
a SRD for The Rose System
Free SRD of the RPG Green Dawn Mall / SRD gratuit du JdR Green Dawn Mall
An SRD for creating content for and inspired by Paranormal Inc.
This RPG system uses a shared hexagonal board and a single d6 for action results
An easy-to-fill-in Wretched Game document
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