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The Shorter Games With Worse Graphics Bundle Round 2

A bundle hosted by CannibalInteractive with content from 25 creators.
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This bundle ended 2021-08-16T07:00:00Z.

Seeing all the sentiments against AAA and how now is a good time to support studios that refuse to be a part of that culture I think it's a great time to see people put their money where their mouth is.

This is a collection of games from 25 different independent developers. There's nothing that had a proper publishing deal, just cool games from small teams that you can play through in an afternoon. Please check them out and the other stuff all these developers have made!

Also, source for the above image

If you want to see other unusual games in this space but not these games specifically, check out the developers in this bundle and the other works they've made, as well as all the other stuff that this site is full of.

Also, while you can't buy the first bundle anymore you can check it out and the links to the games included here: 

EDIT: So the goal was 1k because I considered that at least a realistic goal. This got more more visibility than I expected so I've moved it to 2.5k, because at that point each developer gets $100 as their cut.

EDIT 2: The goal has been surpassed again, so I changed it to something a bit... nicer.

EDIT 3: Made it past $6969.69, so added another 69 because then each developer makes roughly a year's salary at California's minimum wage. Means they can make longer and prettier games, or significantly more games like these without stress.

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

Match 3, Platformer and Tower defense put in all on the cauldron with a spoon of spooky monsters!
Travel through time with punchy monsters in a 16-bit style RPG!
Role Playing
Explore a mysterious half-sunken ruin on an alien world in this Low-Poly Action-Adventure game!
Turn the nightmares of the past into a fantastical dream made real.
Visual Novel
You'll never watch boring TV again
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Divine horror game show! Win big AND die trying! Judgment is upon us.
You are a homeless extraterrestrial living in a futuristic version of Japan.
Role Playing
Brutal collectathon platforming action with added mind control
solve puzzles & unravel the mystery of the Machine's garden
Today, a magical woman signs the divorce papers.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
A short alt-literature delivery device by Quinn K. and Jack King-Spooner
Interactive Fiction
A slice of life flight sim
Surreal Space Station Prisonbreak RPG
Role Playing
Experimental turn-based battle gauntlet in RM2K
Role Playing
Henry! It's me, it's Sheepy! It's so co-o-old!
Interactive Fiction
A one floor 2-bit roguelike first person dungeon crawler.
Role Playing
Chaotic cryptid dating ttrpg.
an adventure that never ends!
Play in browser
A game about not being able to stay away from trouble, the city, and/or symbiotic spirit-weasels.
A western themed procedurally generated top down shooter.
A 2-player party game where you compete with a friend to see who is the best Worshiper of the demon lord!
A solo journaling game about sailing eldritch waters and pulling up odd items.
The world will end again.
The Gourd With A Sword. TTRPG.
A ghost needs your help finding peace
Interactive Fiction
Time to say goodbye to someone you almost love.
Visual Novel