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The Shorter Games With Worse Graphics Bundle

A bundle hosted by CannibalInteractive with content from 25 creators.
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This bundle ended 2021-01-03T08:00:00Z.

With the success of some game bundles on here, I've been mulling over trying to do this for a while, and with seeing a bunch of people on twitter unironically saying "I want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and I'm not kidding" I think it's a great time to see people put their money where their mouth is.

This is a collection of games from 25 different independent developers. There's nothing that had a proper publishing deal, just cool games from small teams. Please check them out and the other stuff all these developers have made!

We're also doing interviews with the developers of these games: here's the playlist, and it will be added to regularly!

Also, source for the above image

Also, if you want to see other unusual games in this space but not these games specifically, check out this bundle full of zine anthologies of other games!

EDIT: So the goal was 1k because at that point each developer gets $40, which I figured would be tough but at least a realistic goal and a decent chunk of holiday money. This has gotten a LOT more visibility than I expected so I've moved it to 2.5k, because at that point each one dev gets $100 as their cut, which is cool.

EDIT 2: I've bumped it up to 10k because honestly, this has already done really well and helped us all out, but $400 each means many of us can cover some more expenses (like groceries for 2 months). Also I'm just curious to see if we can hit 10k honestly. After that I don't think the goal will move further.

EDIT 3: I've changed the amount to 6969.69 because I feel like that's more accurate to the feeling this kind of bundle should have (and also because I think it's funny)

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

a personal tale of unwinnable realities.
Your crew mutinied and now you're stranded on an alien world. Low-Poly Action-Adventure game.
Experience Jane Austen's classic satirical romance in a whole new way
Visual Novel
10-minute circuit building and sabotage for two players
Turn hateful humans into lovable demons in this 90s arcade style shooter
An arcade tactics game inspired by arcade classics
A small action platform game starring Drake, our fire breathing pixel hero. Full game with all levels included!
Race to your death.
Get widgets. Build doohickeys. Do mischief.
Create and Destroy
Yomi's Gate, formatted for print and play
A cyberpunk point-and-click mystery brought to Twine.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Traverse the barren wastelands. Make friends with mutants. Eat trash and do crimes.
Role Playing
A sad, queer, narrative-focused epistolary game.
Forge paths, fight aliens, settle colonies!
Play in browser
The worst looking point and click horror game you'll ever see
Play in browser
A hack n slash where you can run around, kill bad guys and get assimilated.
Play in browser
*you are a boy whose mother has locked herself in her room.
Role Playing
A surreal squigglevision adventure about Mary and her friends.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Xoo: Xeno Xafari is a new style of collecting RPG. Wander a beautiful, deserted island and search for alien creatures!
A fun 'n fast sport game for up to 4 players. (Has a Free DEMO)
A one floor 2-bit roguelike first person dungeon crawler.
Role Playing
Suplex the unseen. TTRPG.
Role Playing
Descend into the Earth and face the Void.
Absurd work place tragedy.
Experience Blackjack like you've never seen before in this gambling RPG!
Role Playing
You have four girlfriends, spend the night with one of them.
Visual Novel
have fun with your froggy friends!