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Colludium Two - small press tabletop games

A bundle hosted by Marx of High Water with content from 19 creators.
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A Demon Unnamed

A GM-less Game of STRESS, PERSERVERENCE, Loss & Decay

Everything was fine before the CURSE of the Unnamed Demon weaved its way through the village. You and the other survivors are all we have left. Venture into the lair and come back with the CURE before the Sunrise, or all will be lost...

A DEMON UNNAMED is a game about facing challenges while STRESS tears you down, by eating up your character. Can you bring the CURE back by Sunset? Or will you fade into the Lair's floor, never to be seen again?

Content Warning: Contains themes of Trauma, Memory Loss, and Degenerative Diseases

Christopher W. Reynolds is a [videographer / podcaster / editor / game designer / tired individual] who makes things to inspire people to think critically about their world. Find out more at

Brigands of Sherwood

A Micro-RPG in which you are trying to filch as much loot as possible before Robin Hood makes you give it all away!

It used to be that a person could make a handy living robbing passers-by in Sherwood forest, but since Robin and his Merry band of fools turned up, everyone expects a good old dose of ‘giving to the poor’. It’s hard to make a living when every starving beggar has their hand out!

In Brigands of Sherwood the players are criminals trying to end their adventure with as much loot as possible. Will they be able to fill their loot tracks? Or will the presence of Robin Hood mean they have to give it all away?

Caradoc Games makes small press role-playing games with an emphasis on story. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, sometimes fantasy, sometimes science fiction, and sometimes something completely different.

don't cut the tree/be the tree

For generations, your family has lived a normal life... but the norm isn't for everyone.

A singleplayer game where you'll write a letter to your family. Two options: you're the one which doesn't fit the norm, or you're their parent.

Game is a two-printable-foldable-pages, available in English and French. You'll need one six-sided dice and writing materials, but most important you'll need to go on a walk if you can. 

NB: this game has been created during the Pride Month but you can question the norm of your choice in your letter.

angela quidam is kind of a french galactic-dinosaur who like tabletop roleplaying games, illustration, sci-fi, and who's interested in social issues. She tries to be the more respectful towards all human and non-human animals. She likes solo & letter-writing ttrpgs.

Le Systeme "D"

A belonging outside belonging game about restaurant worker solidarity

One of the runners just fell down the stairs and broke their ankle, and they need forks on table number seven, and the twelve-top arrived late and is eating up half the dining room while they linger over cognacs, and the customers waiting by the bar and shivering in the street are getting hungry, haunted looks in their eyes…

Monkey's Paw Games is an independent tabletop role-playing game publisher based out of Montreal, Canada.

Save the Universe

A sci-fi adventure roleplaying game in which the players create their own great galactic menace and then portray the brave heroes battling against it.

Tyranny and cruelty have spread across the galaxy, and only you can stop it! When you play Save the Universe, you and your fellow players will create a unique setting and a band of heroes, and then jump into the action with simple, story-focused rules that reduce prep time and reward players for pursuing their personal dramas. Charge your blaster. Board your starship. Set your course. Save the Universe!

Don Bisdorf is a writer, game designer, and software developer. He lives in Michigan with his patient and understanding wife, his two dogs, and too many computers.


A game about Sex, Horror, and Dentistry

It starts with an excavation in the local cemetery. Who extracted the bodies - and where did their teeth go?  Cracks begin to appear in the once neatly-capped community. Outside, everyone is all congeniality and warmth, but behind those saccharine smiles are suspicion and mistrust. Soon, the cavities in people's grins escalates to other vulnerable people in town: the homeless, the sick, the elderly. And while Sunnyvale pretends like nothing is rotting beneath their lips, behind closed doors they brace themselves for what's to come.

Monkey's Paw Games is an independent tabletop role-playing game publisher based out of Montreal, Canada.


Tell your own story in your own world.

Solipstry is a skill-based, universe-independent RPG intended to separate mechanics from lore. Instead of buying 300 pages of lore, Solipstry lets you build your own world, and tell whatever stories you want. The mechanics are simple enough for beginners, but complex enough that veterans and power-gamers can still easily engage.

We support sci-fi, superheroes, westerns, fantasy, cyberpunk, and any genre you can imagine. Some of our biggest fans re-skin complex games with wonderful lore into our easier-to-understand system.

Alex Rinehart is a cofounder of Idlewild Games. In addition to our own products, we work with game designers to bring their ideas to life while maintaining their control. Services we offer include:

  • Marketing/Kickstarter help
  • Art/visual design
  • Game design/balance
  • Playtesting.

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place

A tabletop roleplaying game about temporary hearing loss

A Loud Noise in a Quiet Place is the first of a series of shortform story games for Blue Golem Games. It's about temporary hearing loss, not permanent hearing loss, and is meant politely to develop empathy. It’s a condition I can be subjected to, and it’s a pain in the bum. It’s isolating, frustrating, joyless and sometimes painful. This is true for people around me as well as myself.

You can play by yourself, or with a partner. You'll play a character who's suffered temporary hearing loss. Your partner will play everything else.

Marcus Shepherd is a very British TTRPG writer and editor as both Blue Golem Games and as part of the San Jenaro Co-Op. Their work tries to tie together social commentary with games that are meant to be fun and/or innovative. Occasionally that ends up being true.

Chiron's Doom

A mysterious monument. An ill-fated expedition.

There is a monument at the edge of civilisation, an enigmatic object known as Chiron’s Doom. Countless expeditions have torn themselves apart trying to learn its secrets. Will yours suffer the same fate?

Chiron's Doom is a card-based storytelling game inspired by gothic sci-fi and dark fantasy tales of unknowable monuments and doomed expeditions. Each card flip brings the hope of new discoveries, but dangers multiply as the expedition wears on. Play to find out how much you are willing to sacrifice to uncover the truth.

Nick Bate used to be a galactic archaeologist. He has written for Modiphius, Atlas Games, Galileo Games, and (more recently) himself. He lives in London with his brilliant partner, two plants, and the rain. One day he’ll be brave enough to write that space opera.


a character creation game and self-care ritual

Detritus is a single-player game functioning as three things: a character generation exercise, a modular system-agnostic ruleset, and a self-care ritual. It can be used to create player characters for any system, or OCs for use outside of games entirely. All it requires is one person ready and able to clean up their own messy living space -- the messier, the better. The player collects all the small objects they find out of place, and compares them to a list, allowing the game's text to imbue them with narrative meaning.

Blake M. Stone creates nontraditional roleplaying games, supplements, generators, and more. He is a proud member of the SWORD DREAM and Lyric Games movements, influenced by the modularity of the OSR and the connections between queerness, spirituality, and play.


A dice-less 2 player game about an uncanny Garden and the Intruder who got lured into it.

Enticement is a dice-less, GM-less, storytelling game to be played by 2 players in 2 hours. Inspired by Annihilation and fuelled by flirtatious mechanics, it will help you tell intimate and intense stories while exploring impossible mysteries.

Take on the roles of the uncanny Garden and the Intruder who has breached its borders. Lure, encroach and name your price. What fundamental parts of yourself are either of you willing to give up to change and understand the other?

I’m Sascha Moros. I'm a trans/genderfluid climate justice activist, computer scientist and narrative designer. I'm making small ttrpgs about queerness, vulnerability, communal struggle against systemic violence and posthumanist impulses. 

Ghost Orbit

a game about things breaking in space

GHOST ORBIT is an analog role-playing game about things breaking in space. You can expect to encounter gross neglect, runaway fires, explosive decompression, labor riots, hostile xenoforms, and maybe literal ghosts. The players take on the role of IWW Union Spacers trying to survive the day everything went pear-shaped. We play to find out how the spacers survive, and what they lose in the process.

Bad Quail Games is the working name of G. Michael Truran (he/him), New Orleans area table-top RPG designer and sometimes editor. He dabbles in PbtA, FitD, and original systems. You can find all his work at!

Magical Cleanup Service

A 5-page PbtA where you play as magical janitors to clean up supernatural mishaps.

Magical accident happens, and we can't just hire some muggle cleaners to weep it under the rug. While other "cool" wizards may save the world or teach at highly irresponsible education institutions, your job is no less important. Now go pick up your broom and cleanup some magical mess!

Magical Cleanup Service is a 5-page minimalist PbtA game that has everything you need to run it. There are six magical playbooks to pick from; Time Wizard, Conjurer, Broom Specialist, Apotropaic Magician, Summoner and Seance.

W.H. Arthur is an amateur RPG designer who has released a number of games on itch dot io. Arthur was a co-host for #FolkloreJam earlier this year.


Trick-taking monster-slaying with a partner

You’re monster slayers, on a suicide mission to use sword and spell to destroy those who would destroy you. With the help of your Partner, you’ll play cards only they can see, and they’ll play cards only you can, to destroy those who would consume you. The catch: you can’t speak. With nine optional rules to modify your gameplay, SLAIN adapts to your descent within it.

Joe Young is an award-winning game designer from Cincinnati, OH. His work focuses on emergent gameplay and experimental mechanics in traditional forms.

Two Sisters

A role playing duet of love, jealousy, and revenge

Based on the classic murder ballad, Two Sisters or  is a freeform role playing game for two players exploring the depths of jealousy and the sinister acts that manifest in its wake. Asymmetric roles, leading questions, and striking scene prompts promise an intense emotional experience. The entire game is played in as single self contained session under two hours. Described by a playtester as,“legit a wrenching game”. CW: Body Horror, Murder, Soroicide, Revenge (Safety tools and post game debrief are included)

Eli Seitz is a 25 year old game designer putting out small projects in the story game and freeform larp space. His recent game, Christmas Day, about Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas was published in Doikayt: A Jewish TTRPG Anthology.

Eldritch Care Unit

A unique RPG taking place in the hidden supernatural wing that's present in hospitals across the United States, wherein players take on the roles of overworked doctors, nurses, ritualists, researchers, and other staff members, doing their absolute best to provide the care they can to the patients that come in.

The Eldritch Care Unit is a medical program that runs alongside the mundane hospitals and medical centers throughout the country. You play those doctors, nurses, occultists, and other staff members that seek to do whatever they can to cure the supernaturally sick population, despite the difficulties of incomprehensive insurance, short-staffing, and lack of funding.

It’s not easy to do this job. But you swore an Oath.

And it’s magically binding.

Chris Falco has just recently started in the Tabletop RPG sphere, and has written for the San Jenaro Co-op in addition to his solo work for Falconian Productions (currently working on a vampire RPG called The Blood). He's also a programmer and Twitch streamer.

Eros System Core Rules

TL,DR: Fast game mechanic, complex character creation, crunchy combat rules

This is the core ruleset for the Eros RPG system. The rules contained in this book are the basis for any number of games that can be played using this 2d6 game mechanic. Specific background, rules, equipment, and other content for each game is released in a separate supplement.

Landry Game Studio is 2 dudes (Dave & Richard) making games. Dave (He/Him) runs twitter account. Current Project: Eros 433

Haunted Memories

Face your childhood past in a tower of crumbling secrets and the Haunting

The characters return as adults after being apart for years. A Haunting from their childhood past has returned to claim its vengeance. Only together than they defeat the Haunting once and for all, but as the darkness closes in, secrets begin to unravel. Two wooden towers act as the crumbling secrets of the past and present, as the danger mounts and the Haunting closes its grip, the towers shake and waver. Will the players prevail or the will the Haunting have its due?

I (Jacky Leung) am a bi-Chinese American RPG designer, writer, and editor for several publications and projects. I write and create games that either explore your inner psychology or provide zaniest, wacky, over-the-top ideas. 

It Is Forbidden

A story game of building cultures by how they clash.

It Is Forbidden is a revolutionary storygame in the spirit of Microscope and Dog Eat Dog. Players work in teams to create two cultures by developing the laws, taboos and beliefs of those cultures, through a series of scenes describing how the cultures clash. It was nominated for a Freeplay Award in 2018. 

Tin Star Games publishes unique tabletop games and roleplaying games. Their flagship RPG Relics will appear in 2020. 

Ponyfinder Campaign Setting

A complete guide to playing exotic races like griffons, robots, or magic ponies in Pathfinder or D&D 5e.

Silver Games LLC proudly produces content for people bored of playing elves and dwarves and, ugh, humans. We can be so much more!

Includes the following items:

At $50.00 or above

A story game of creating cultures
You swore an Oath. And it's magically binding.
A game of crumbling secrets, childhood memories, and hauntings
Multi-genre quick rules set with crunchy combat
Everything you need to play Ponyfinder in 5E or Pathfinder

At $25.00 or above

A tabletop RPG about cleaning wizards
A tabletop story game for one or two players about temporary hearing loss
a character creation game that makes you clean your room
Fight monsters with cards you can't see in a 2+ Player Trick-Taking Game.
A role playing duet of love, jealousy, and revenge
A strange garden, an intruder, a story about the Horror and Excitement of changing each other consensually
a game about things breaking in space
A mysterious monument. An ill-fated expedition. A storytelling game for 1-3 explorers.

At $10.00 or above

A sci-fi adventure RPG.
A tactical game system that facilitates roleplaying in any world you can imagine.
Filch as much loot as possible before Robin Hood makes you give it all away!
[solo ttrpg – 2 pages – 30 min.] two seeds, two letters, two sides of a solo ttrpg game
A game of Sex, Horror, and Dentistry.
A GM-less Game of STRESS, PERSERVERENCE, Loss and Grief
A belonging outside belonging game.