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Takedown notice for 'Princess & Conquest'

Published Oct 24, 2018

This is a DMCA Notification against Towerfag and his game: “Princess and Conquest” originally named “Towergirls: Kingdom Conquest”, found on (full website at

John Tate,  Copyright Administrator on behalf of Michael Real and Fancy Hat Studios Inc., co-owners of 100% of the Towergirls IP.

I am contacting you on behalf of Mr. Real, the original creator of the towergirls intellectual property and the characters and designs associated with it, and on behalf of one hundred (100%) percent of the copyright owners of Towergirls IP.

This takedown notice supplements the original September, 2017 takedown notice, which you will find attached to this email, along with the entire set of previous correspondence. Towerfag and his Team continue to infringe on our copyrighted intellectual property, and we are currently involved in litigation with him over the game, U.S. District Court, California Northern District (San Francisco), CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 3:18-cv-03535-EDL.

The following is a message directly from Mr. Real: “My work on this project extends back to its inception on 4chan and has continued to this day. Towerfag had a limited license to use my work, but has since failed to abide by our agreements and as I have since revoked that limited license, he is now in breach of copyright and is effectively stealing my designs with his game. I have tried to reach an amicable conclusion to this affair with him privately, but he has refused to cooperate, and thus I am contacting with this DMCA Notification. I wish to ask Itch.ip to take down his page, linked above, which contains all of the proof of his infringement. Their development blog and website are also linked containing examples of my designs. If you require further details on how he is in breach, then please just send your request for that information in reply to Mr. Tate through this email.”

The full list of infringed properties:

Designs and likeness of characters included in Towergirls v1 (Copyright Registration VA0002083564)
Designs and likeness of characters included in Towergirls Chibis (Copyright Registration VA0002116862)
Designs and likeness of characters included in Towergirls v3 pt.I (Copyright Registration VA0002116003)
Designs and likeness of characters included in Towergirls v3 pt.II (Copyright Registration VA0002116004)
Designs and likeness of characters included in Towergirls v3 pt.III (Copyright Registration VA0002116049)
Designs and likeness of characters included in Towergirls v3 pt.IV (Copyright Registration VA0002116052)
Designs and likenesses of characters included in Towergirls I (Copyright Registration TX0008563826)  

I have only provided a text list, as getting screenshot examples of each of these would take enormous amounts of time, and simply by comparing the charts and images we have provided as proof of my original ownership, and the front page and images he provides on his page, it should be patently obvious that he is infringing upon my intellectual property. It should be noted we do not claim ownership over the knight in the “Princess I Have Come for You!” meme posted at the beginning of the chart who is the primary character of “Princess and Conquest.”

We have a good faith belief that the material we are reporting is not authorized by the copyright owner, an agent of the owner, or the law. The information in this notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, we are authorized on behalf of the owners of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed, and kindly request that all infringing material be taken down from’s pages.

John A. Tate, Copyright Administrator, and owner of Fancy Hat Studios Inc.

Michael Real, Creator and Majority Owner of the Towergirls IP, Publisher