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Seaside Racing

Drive a soapbox car down a mountain · By gustavolsson


A topic by gustavolsson created Oct 09, 2019 Views: 452 Replies: 4
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Developer (2 edits) (+1)

UPDATE: THE MASTER SERVER IS NOW UP AND RUNNING! You should now be able to connect and play with each other.

Hi everyone,

I could not justify paying for keeping the master server (which connects players to each other for online play) up, so it expired. I am planning to put up a new one some time in the near future though, but in the meantime, local play is the only way to go. I'll let you know once the server is up again!

Thanks for playing!

What game engine did you use to make this game?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi! The game was originally made using the XNA framework and released for the Xbox 360. I recently ported it to PC and for this I used MonoGame. XNA/MonoGame is really more of a framework than an engine though, and I had to program all of the networking and physics code myself :)


My man we absolutely love this game and we would really appreciate if you could include new maps!! Or the possibility to configure the amount of laps per track

If it means donating to you we are down to bring our cash together and send a donation

The boys


I'm taking the master server down temporarily, just fyi. Playing locally or over LAN still works of course!