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No Dedicated Function Keys - Remapping Option Request

A topic by cyclpsrock created Apr 08, 2019 Views: 134 Replies: 4
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Hey, I got this game and quickly realized I can not get past the tutorial due to my 60% mechanical keyboard that has no dedicated function keys. I was wondering if it might be possible to add a remapping option for this, perhaps to the row of number keys instead. I don't think I'd be alone in wanting this as 60% compact keyboards are not uncommon among mechanical keyboard hobbyists and gamers. The function key slide is a really cool mechanic, just one that might need some alternative executions added in to make it playable on a wider range of keyboards that people (esp weirdo typing enthusiasts!) might have. Thanks!

This is a good move; the option to switch the carriage slide to the number-row will be in the next build. Thanks for the insight.

I suppose it's on me for purchasing without knowing about this functionality (which made me smile with glee when I first saw it), but I'm not sure that the number row will solve the issue I'm having. (See attached image)

I was able to slide successfully in the tutorial, but wasn't able to do it a single time after that. Is there maybe a way to also have the carriage slide work on just, say, numbers 1 through 6 to support a keyboard like the one I have for ergonomic reasons?

Hmm... I'd overlooked ergo models! Your 1-6 suggestion is fair, although it's fewer keys. I suspect there's an answer in providing players the option of inputting their own sequence (in the options menu, with music volume, etc).

Anyway, how do you like the msoft ergo? I used one on a jobsite years ago and was surprised by its ease, but ultimately switched back to flats.

It's a tough ask to say "hey, just support six keys instead of twelve, what's the problem", I get that. I'll try to somehow get better at doing it via F1-F12.

And I love Microsoft ergonomic hardware - my wrists hurt after a few seconds of trying to hold my giant gorilla hands in a position that works with a flat keyboard.

Thanks for the reply!