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Unable to open on mac~

A topic by uselessfuwu created Jul 03, 2021 Views: 149 Replies: 3
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I'm very excited to play the game but after downloading it on my mac and trying it open it, I get a message saying that it didn't download completely or it has damaged files. Please help! 

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I'm also having the same issue as Lili; running Big Sur 11.4 and getting an error message saying the file's "damaged or incomplete". Would greatly appreciate advice or a fix, as I received the game (which looks ADORABLE) as a gift and can't wait to play! Thank you. :)

Because I am impatient I ended up just buying the steam version of the game of mac. It opened and ran perfectly fine! So I've gone ahead and asked for a refund from and hopefully that'll come through soon. I hope that you'll get a fix soon since the game is truly adorable and well worth playing :) 


Hey Lilichan and Fripswitch - we're super sorry about the issue, we'll look into it and get it sorted straightaway!