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A sale hosted by SETENTIA Studios
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This sale ended 2019-07-15 17:00:00.

That's right! We are letting you set the price!

Working towards a Steam release, we are now opening for a while our doors so people can get a taste of what we are doing.

Pay zero bucks or two cents, whatever, the game (+ upcoming updates) will be forever yours to keep!

Purchases above 3.99 USD will be sent a Steam key as well (when the page is finished!). Previous purchases will also receive a Steam key.

We welcome any suggestion or comment you may have. You can write to us at the bottom of this page (Community section). You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Discord or just send us an email.

Thanks for your support!

A cute/gore 1-4 players platformer about friendship, love and what it means to be human.