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SEP Welcome 2023 Sale

A sale hosted by Fraser Ronald
Each item 50% off! or buy everything for $135.87! Regularly $271.75
This sale ended 2023-01-08T05:00:00Z.

This sale is only available to coupon holders.

Here's hoping 2023 brings you lots of fun and I hope SEP is a part of that.

Includes the following games:

Fast and simple fantasy action
Space marines in powered armour!
Heroes of the Kushite Dynasty hunt down a nest of assassins
Heroes of the Kushite Dynasty must hunt a traitor and recover a mythic artifact
Heroes of the Kushite Dynasty must escape Abydos and return to their home
Loyal retainers of Tutankhamun seek to rescue his widow from a forced marriage
The Roman legions in Hispania find themselves unwelcome visitors.
It might be a Roman civil war, but that doesn't mean the Gauls can't get in on it.
A tabletop role-playing game of pulp adventures.
A modern action/thriller Sword's Edge adventure
A modern action adventure for Sword's Edge
A running and gunning adventure of high octane action for Sword's Edge
A modern action/thriller adventure for Sword's Edge
An adventure for Sword's Edge set in the 16th century Scots border marches
Sent into Dacia on a secret mission by the Emperor Aurelian, the characters face the threat of a Gothic invasion
Ten years ago, the world ended. Today you’ve been chosen to bring it back.
Humans with heroic powers in a post-apocalyptics world
An adventure set in the Late Bronze Age Collapse
Covert operators seek to rescue a family held hostage by a mysterious arms trading organization
Covert operators hunt down members of a secretive criminal cabal
The client says they stole his body. He's paying you to believe him, but is he paying you enough to get killed?
In a city of memories is a city of violence.
The greatest heroes of the House of Kashta must rescue one of their own from the Assyrian military juggernaut.