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Dead Horizon - Fist Full of Dollars Sale

A sale hosted by PixelWestern
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of goal
This sale ended 2018-11-30 08:00:00.

For the next week Dead Horizon will be on an aggressively inverted discount sale for only ten thousand dollars!

Crazy perhaps, but the game is free. You can still get it for free on Steam and Gamejolt. You can even download the bundle with the game and soundtrack here for free still.

So, why sell a game for ten thousand dollars? Well, the game has been out for a year and it's free. Most people who are going to play it have already played it. Also, is doing a reverse sale for black Friday. In the spirit of that, I've made my free game prohibitively expensive. Video games now exist in a world of infinite supply. What do price tags even mean?! What are you buying?! Does a price tag by itself become offensive?!

If you came here planning to be upset that someone would ask ten thousand dollars for a free game, instead spend some time checking out It's a place that has a lot of very interesting games you can't always find elsewhere. Small personal experiences that often have something interesting to say. Also, some cool games where you shoot stuff.

Just make sure you don't miss.