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WASDead - Winter Sale

A sale hosted by Rock Path Collective
All items 50% off! or buy everything for $2.99! Regularly $6.98 Save 57%!
This sale ended 2019-04-11 18:00:00.

WASDead is a hardcore action platformer where you assume control over the character R in his quest to collect MONEY. Why? Because money makes you feel good!

Key features:

  • Different difficult single-player levels; 
  • Game created with a blend of Pixel art and ASCII visual design; 
  • Dynamic 8-bit soundtrack; 
  • Probably the only Steam game that knows how to properly use memes; 
  • Run, gun and survive! This is a game which will teach you to value your every move, jump and live!; 
  • You won't have enough nerves to complete this game!

The deep story behind:

You're indie developer that stucked in your undone game. You don't understand why you here... In the digital world. But you trying to find exit and alive. But there is one problem... The exit cost the money.

Based on a the true story of most indie developers on Steam.

Hardcore levels!

Dangerous bosses!