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Halloween Sale! 100% of Sales Go to Extra Life!

A sale hosted by Joe Daywalt
Buy for 50% off!
of goal
This sale ended 2018-11-04 08:00:00.

What's this sale?

My participation in the itch-wide Halloween Sale! Convergence Compulsion for just $1!

Why should I buy this game?

  1. It's a fun game! Check out the web demo on the itch page if you want. I had to pull the demo; since I added shaders it is completely broken visually on the web. Sorry about that.
  2. It's a dollar. One. Dollar. And you get all the versions--Win, Mac, Linux, and Android!
  3. The game is only on sale for a little bit, but you get to keep it forever.  Can you say UI and gameplay updates?
  4. I'm not even keeping that dollar... yeah, seriously, check this:

ALL THE MONEY is going straight toward my Extra Life goal, benefiting CMN Hospitals!* Buy the game on sale! Help heal sick kids! 

You can learn more about Extra life and how they (and you!) help heal sick kids at

You can check out my participant page at sure to come by my stream on Game Day, Nov 3!

Thanks for playing!

*If you're curious or skeptical of how to check the money gets there, look for a donation on my Extra Life page from "Itch Game Sales" at the end of the sale. I've set a goal on this sale so that the amount raised is displayed here. That way, you can check it versus the donation page when the sale is done. Thanks again!

Converge on the wave that matches your color. Explode into a new color. Rinse. Repeat.
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