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Hi, first, I'd like to thank you for your time on developing Bitsy and bringing it to life. I have been poking around and the amount of things it allows us to do just keeps blowing my mind. Pretty much every turn-based gameplay can be made with it, in one way or another, and I am sure that some sort of superhot-like simpler gameplay can be achieved.

Recently, I have been using Bitsy to create a frame by frame game with a fairly decent length. Yet, when reaching a few hundreds rooms I did face two problems :

  • the loading time of a room when switching to another became exponentially long (especially when you consider the next point)
  • switching through rooms then started to take several minutes as I could only go to the next or the previous one

I believe that having a tool that allows us to go directly to any one room would solve these issues, something like the find paintings tool. Even if the loading time isn't directly affected, it would'nt really matter because we wouldn't have to go through a few dozens of rooms to reach another.

Also, Kai20, in this post did suggest having exits that only works when the player does have a specific object. This is a great idea in my opinion as it would bring puzzle games in Bitsy to a whole other level. It would open the path for some really creative gameplay without breaking the Bitsy feel. Endings could also benefit from having a similar mechanic.

Thanks again for making Bitsy this much awesome ! It really is fun and easy to pick up. Plus, the abstraction level makes it a great pedagogic tool that helps you think around the limitations of any game engine.