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There is an old version installed?

Not yet, she has still some story to tell before that to happen.

Gonna check on them, thx.

Yeah there are two errors on how blackjack works, gonna fix it in the next versions.

If both are the same then there is an error, gonna check on it.

There should be an heart in the lab, you also need Syxia for it.

You can use the red heart in the lab to start the New Life test.

That' correct, no cow for now.

My focus for the incoming build, apart from the story, is indeed amplying the sandbox part and doing better lewds.

My guess is that the app tries to open the 32bit version, I will try to understand why it does not work.

Next update is full story quests

At the moment only the forest, it respawns every week

There was a lock in the new update, 0.87 will fix it

Where are you getting the errors? Story quests? 

There was already an older version installed?

Thank you, anyone who wants to help with translations is welcome, there is a special section for text errors in the server

As I do not know German the translation is self-generated, anyone who wants to help can do so in the discord server

You have to first change the font into another one, like coolvetica


At the moment there is now cow outfit available.

For Iza, make her sad at the festival, then go to her at night

You can collect it in the forest

It's a simple trigger in the ranch, just go there

Seems like the translation error is still there, put english, trigger the quest, than change again language

Have you also done all Iza and Syxia's quest?

Get etheria from the forest, it spawns every week

Because now the game is again a simple apk, you can delete the old apk, remember to back up the saves

Have you done all the meetings? Sheila?

What are the problematic events?

I don't know why it's not working properly either, I tested it and maybe the 32bit version is forced to launch, I'll have to see if I can solve the problem

Gonna check on the gui problem

me dead

If you got the screen locked, look for a save where it isn't, if you have nothing you could send me the save on discord and I'll fix it

Continue Hera's quest

Cool song, but as you said, for copyrights reasons I can't use it

Complete Syxia quest and Izanami quest, then use the heart in the lab

It's an error on the translations, put english, look for taile, then you can put back the language

To manage the alarms you have to talk with the girls and set them, weekly or a specific day

It's a problem with 0.85, change the language to english, do the quest and get back to your language

depends on how the feature will be received, for now it's just a test

Gonna check on them and fix the errors