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Tomorrow, is really near ;)

Thanks, I appreciate it so much, sorry for the late replies, 0.60 has really tired me out, but it's coming, it's the best update released so far

In the 0.61 there will be more lewd scene, this incoming one is mainly plot

Try again now

Hiện tại chỉ có một

Future content, right now only Asmedia 

Continue with the story, until a certain guild nominates her, then go to the living room and from there unlock her quest

The next update is on 25 for Beta, 30/31 for Early, 5 for the Public.

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I fixed that for 0.60, to past that now  just go to the living room and go back to dusk

The signal says that after doing the quest with Cleos, Asmedia has something to give you, try going to her

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There are already those kinds of scenes, pussy eating for Estia, foot jobs for Estia and Asmedia, and 69 for Cleos,  if you mean for every girl, yep, all the girls will get the "basic" positions.

Mmmmm, try going to the living room, maybe there is some kind of error in the trigger, gonna check

Go to the school pool on Thursday morning.

Yep, doing certain stuff unlock more poses, like the horny pose, you have to reach climax and rest 5 times while changing pose

Hi, thanks for your interest, I have no problem talking about it, and it's all visible on the Patreon page anyway. Of course, development takes a lot of time, and to get certain things necessarily needs certain support, passion is everything, but it can not fix the shortcomings as may be the knowledge of another language.

In fact, at some point, all those with animal ears don't have human ears, unfortunately at the beginning, it was not possible to remove them

Thanks so much, glad you're enjoying it, more monster girls are coming ;)

Thanks, for the translations instead, at the moment I'm stuck with the goals, I'll see in the future

Good boy, new events are coming, get ready

Ahahah, thanks

Same engine

Did you go two times at the peak? One night and one morning?

It has been fixed.

Asmedia's Tailjob

Cleos' Tightjob

Cleos' Buttdown

Cleos' new horny

And you are not the only one ;D

It means that it is not yet available in gam

Mmmmm, did you use the unlocker?

Her room

It's her turn now ;)

Which one?

Sheila Lewd is her last event, I changed the text so now it say again that's the end of her event

Moanings are coming ;)

Yep, that means the quest reached the last content available

You have to find out everything about Asmedia before you can continue with hera, same thing to make the portal for Izanami

Glad to see you excited about the new features.

The various information such as race, what a girl likes, and more will be shown in a different section via the gear.

For bridge events, not right away, I will start putting them in for the new content. As for the old ones they will be added little by little.

I'm among those who bought it day one, hoping for the quality of the product, unfortunately I had too high expectations.

For that you'll need a server and a launcher, there will be more stuff to download, but the download will be automated, no need to re-download the full game every week.

Small tits also Tsukiko has them, if we are talking about flat, there are others coming, including the girl of the restaurant

it has only been used for one build, it was a test.