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Not really, that's the exact name I got from youtube when I found it

Go to Main street after doing some main story in dusk, it will auto trigger


You can sell the fish to Maribel, for the quest, should be Asme, check the right time

Make her sad at the festival, then go to her room at night

In the bathroom, when you see Tsu icon there

Launcher update, now it should be okay

Launcher update, now it should be okay

All you need to do is reach one point in the main story, then you can do the forge event

Probably is still the same save error from the renpy update, check the save problem post.

Probably a renpy problem along with the saves, in any case, android should have 4gb of ram for the game to work properly

Still when we reach a point in the main story

Have you done the dream part?


Try doing a clean install, remember to back up the saves

Because translations are up to 0.74, probably I'm not going to touch them until the goal is reached

New life it's not in game yet, for the last scene of Iza, make her sad at the festival then go in her room at night

Read  "Small Talk" post, quest section

Read  "Small Talk" post, quest section

Read  "Small Talk" post, quest section

Because of that one auto pop with the 4, did you talk with all the girls?

Spanish translations are in game, you can select it in the preference

You can make money with Isabel and Tailè

It should be Combat Ready

Free time? What is it? Is it edible?



To join the guilt you should get the pop-up in the night street.


In fact, the best solution in my opinion is to let the story fluidly connect to the girls


Probably another 75 years


Second button in the outlet.

Won't let you update or overwrite? You could try to do a clean install, but remember to back up your saves just in case.

If you mean Isabel's quest, it is not yet finished, so it should be normal

My fault, you probably have done it, it will become green next patch

Nope, also Asme in the kitchen, interactive is a Patreon goal, when reached I'm gonna expand the concept to everyone.

If no drastic changes have been implemented, you can simply install the new version, your saves will be retained.

She is main story related, you will get her.

When we reach that part of the story

Right now