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Strive for power but it's ...

Now that I think about it, it doesn't look that different.

You could always make a scene where we chat with him inside his mind. And hey, if we do get it on, at least his clothes won't be messy xD

Ayy, at this rate the game will be finished by the time dragon ball super abridged finishes.

Hey that's not fair I haven't played the game for a month >:O


This game is so kyoot

1. Mansion menu, Interactions, choose 3 girls to have sex with ( I didn't abuse them but abusing them might also work) When the interaction menu comes up keep spamming the ''stop'' button.

3. Dunno if I phrased that wrong, my problem is: Shouldn't my food decrease when they steal from me? Why is it rising instead? A glitch or a feature.

Thanks for your time.

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Windows 10 .Using the latest version ( I think).

1) When I chose to ''interact'' with 3 of my girls, I chose not to do anything and press ''stop''. Spamming the stop button made me get infinite amounts of mana, it didn't stop even when the timer ran out. Don't know if the same thing happens with less girls.

2) After taking Emily for the first time I chose to make her a cook. After Tisha took her away no one was able to cook anymore because the game thought Emily was still my cook (So many people died from starvation ;_; ).

3) ''You notice some of your food is gone'' You say? But my food storage didn't decrease, instead I somehow have more food than before.

Sorry if you heard these before and thanks for your time.

Thank you so much for not making this a german-only release. I've always wanted to play games like this. Can't wait to buy the finished version ^_^