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i love the point that trick is gender neutral... ive always enjoyed gender neutral-fluid characters

bit of a side note...

       This game makes me not want to play other games as to not be disapointed with an odd ending in a seemingly normal game what ever happened to the old days when a game was what it seemed dark twists have been drastically over done.


Im gonna speak my mind about this game and half of you are gonna hate me for it...

Well if you cant tell my name is Xeno Ishtaron (not really) but i actually liked this game the characters were charming it made me laugh some and smile aswell but... i thought the endings fell a little flat... hear me out they all had me saying oh god the entire time but they all ended the same way... someone dies game glitches chr files deleted... i mean there are no really normal endings this game had so much potential to have good endings they were charming but for god sakes... wheres the 4th walll... it was fun and all but it should've had atleast some normal endings... i wanted anime girls killing eachother over me... not an anime girl editing game files just so she could have me... this game had so much opportunity to be slightly normal... i would've been ok with the endings if you had some normal endings... i havent talked about under tale in a while but... in under tale they had mostly normal endings atleast half of them didnt breake the 4th wall entirely thats why i liked it it had charm in its own way but in doki doki every single ending broke the 4th wall and thats why i didnt like it... i mean it made sence because the endings dont change durastically because of one small choice (that wouldve been fine although weird) but... i just wanted a few normal endings where i ended up with one of the girls...

All that being said... i know its too late to make changes... all in all i loved the game... just not the endings...

Signed... someone you've never met on thw internet...

      -Xeno Ishtaron