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Took me a couple of tries to get into it, but once I understood what I was doing (it probably took me way too long to understand that you could manipulate how your tower looked and that it wasn't completely random :D) it ended up being a pretty fun game! By itself, I think the tower building mechanic wouldn't have been too interesting, but combined with the money management, little jokes and great art style I think everything comes together nicely.

Edit: I saw your comment about not getting highscores working from webgl. By any chance were you using a highscore website thingy like dreamlo? I'm pretty sure you needed SSL to make that stuff work online. 

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah looking back I agree the movement isn't as good as I thought it was while developing the game. However, if I choose the update it then that would be the first thing I fixed :D.

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Thank you for the feedback! A fuel limit and faster movement is a great idea - I think this would solve people's main issue with the game. As for the camera, I would have loved to implement this but didn't have enough time. I was thinking of something like the camera follows you but a little slower, so it feels like you're zooming around. 

Anyways, thanks again for the feedback and I appreciate you giving the game a second chance. 

Edit: Oh, you can't destroy the asteroids, only the aliens. Later on you have to break a shield around them before you can grapple, but I think the games movement is stopping most people from getting that far...

Hey man, just commenting this here so its out of the way as itch doesn't seem to have a dm feature.

I'm down to work together on a game jam entry in the future, I'm pretty new to it as well (we seem to have the same amount of entries), my pixel art skills are at least half-decent and I'm probably around the same programming level as you.

I recon it would be a lot easier to stay motivated working in a team, and I've never worked in a team for anything programming related. Plus with this lockdown I've got nothing but time :D.

If you're interest my discord is Wzd#0940.

Else its completely fine, thanks again for your great feedback on my game and have a great day.

Thanks again mate. 

I understand what you mean about the movement, and looking back I think that what you said is spot on: 

"The randomness of the rocks, the floaty space movement and the weird grappling hitboxes are just too unpredictable and unintuitive to ever gain full mastery over."

By itself, the movement, randomness, etc (though I still don't understand the hitbox issue, everything is fine for me - but maybe I'm just blind) would be fine by themselves as an isolated mechanic, but together need a lot for fine tuning to work well and not by frustrating.

Thanks for taking the time to write out such a long piece of feedback!

It seems a lot of people so far aren't a fan of the controls and while I hate to deflect the blame I feel like it's just because they take some getting used to and that the game has at least a fairly high skill ceiling. However, on the other hand I could just be talking with developer bias and looking back perhaps I should of made something where the core mechanics are a bit closer to what people are used to. All rocks can be grappled onto, but the smaller ones have quite a small hitbox - and while this does add an element of skill to hit them reliably I can understand how it would be frustrating to be spamming away and not getting a grapple. I did consider the ability to destroy rocks with your blaster but I feel like it would just make the game very easy. I do understand what you mean about the impossible situations, there is a bit of luck involved as sometimes you do grapple out the way of one rock only for another to appear. However, I do feel like you can get out of most of these situations (at least later on) as you have a lot options concerning where to go. A possible solution to this could be to spawn presets of obstacle positions instead of just all rocks randomly.

Anyway, as I said thanks you for the great feedback - you're making me feel bad that I didn't write a whole lot on your game :D.

Fantastic little game, not much to say because everything about it was great. Nice job!

Nice simple game! I feel like it would be awesome on mobile which a couple of improvements to the graphics / animations / UI.  As for the core gameplay elements, at least in my opinion, they are perfect for what the game is.

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Pretty unique take on the theme and I really like the aesthetics and sound (the menu animations were super clean and the newpaper a really nice touch). The only thing I would say is that if you just wait for the climbers to get close to the top them throw a snowball, the game is very easy. Maybe if they had a larger area they could reach? But then again 'Cursed Plateau' doesn't really have the same ring to it...

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Neat little game, I really like the artwork and the idea. However, I think the gameplay is a little lacking. I found myself just spamming 'W' to get up the wall consistently without taking damage. Some incentive to switch between walls (eg: spikes on one side) or the enemies leading their shots to encourage dodging could go a long way in making the game a lot more fun.

Thanks man. You're meant to move quite slowly when not grappling because the game is in space - you have to build up momentum.

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You're meant to be quite slow, the game being in space and all - it takes time to build up momentum. Though I do understand what you mean about the impossible situations. I think its because I am spawning the rocks randomly and the amount of rocks builds up over time. Therefore it is possible that you end up in a situation with nothing to grapple onto and a rock headed right at you. However, as you get further into the game this becomes less and less of a problem. Thanks for the feedback though!

Hey man, I just want to say thanks for the awesome tracks - they really brought my game to life! I'll definitely be coming back here in the future. Thanks again and have a great day. 

Neat little game. I really like the sound, like others have said its very immersive  and well executed. I didn't really like the art style at first, but it grew on me and by the time I had eaten all the flies I was a fan. I guess my only criticism is that its not completely non violent, but if the birds really are "happy to see you" and do give you a soft landing back at the beginning I'll let you off :D. 

I appreciate the kind words!

I was worried that the game would get repetitive, as its quite hard to beat it on your first go, so I agree that something to help get to the action would be helpful. Maybe I could of done some sort of checkpoint system, as the game already tracks your progress via the objectives. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the direction mechanic, I think given some more time I could of improved it further and made the animations a bit more seamless but overall its definitely the key feature of the game and I'm happy it worked.

I'll be sure to check out your submission as soon as I can - but right now I need to sleep :D.  

Nice job, I really like both the simple art and gameplay style - sometimes less is more!