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well the only version i have on my phone is the last one. I've already uninstalled the previous versions that weren't installing...

well the exact problem is that, after downloading the game APK, i click on the "install" button, the game tries to install, but after severals seconds, i have a message that says "Application not installed." and... That's it. Even if i try again, i'ts not installing. And i'd like to specify that i agreed my phone to download apk and non certified apps.

Hello Anduo Games !

First of all, i'm really happy to see how much your game is becoming bette and better ! I've downloaded the new version on my computer but i didn't get the time to see all the new things tout have implemented. So I downloaded it on my phone (Wiko from 2015 powered by Android 5.1.1) but the apk file isn't working. I can download the game,but it juste can't iinstall... I had this problem like few months ago and tried to find a solution (and still looking for one) but i have no idea how to fixe this... 

So if you could help me just a little to find a solution that would be awesome, because i really like all the things you're doing for this game that i'm keen on !

Sincerely !

P.S. : sorry if i've made some english mistakes, i'm french 😅

Thank you for your answer ^^ I'll try fix this problem. Keep up the good job !

Also, how do we get the uniform to work in the bar ? And how can we go the customers' tasks ? Is it related to perversion level ?

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I wanted to download the game on my phone, but it just won't install even if i ticked the option tout allow apk app... Do you have any Idea why ? And also, what are the authorizations for ? Why does the game need access to the network and my location ? It's a little scary when you don't know why (^_^')

But the game is pretty good to play on computer. Good job to the team !