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Sure! You can get it on our sound designer's Soundcloud page :D

Hi Quill,

Thanks for your kind words!

Our development methodology was mainly "HOLY CRAP WE ONLY HAVE 72 HOURS ARRRRGH!!!" we didn't really have any proper way of approaching development.

We definitely have plans for future projects and we're not ruling out going down the horror route with future projects but nothing is currently in the works.

And your English is great! :)

- Hannah

Hi Cryptic Hybrid,

This was our first project and we definitely enjoyed creating it. There are no immediate plans to follow through with the concept but it's early days for the studio, we're not ruling out revisiting a similar idea in the future.

- Hannah

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Hi FrozenBlade,

The Linux and macOS builds both support both 32 and 64bit systems.

You can run the windows 32 bit executable on 64bit windows, as the game is rather simplistic and does not require more ram than can be addressed by a 32 bit executable there would be no noticeable performance increase from a 64 bit executable.

If you are having issues getting the game running on Linux, please ensure you are running the .x86_64 file and not the .x86 file.

- Hannah