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The quickly moving planets are a result of a stupid mistake. :( I will make them move slower when the jam ends. Thanks for the feedback!

Me: Yay! I finally beated  this level.

Game: Well, here's the same level, but with two more planets!

Me: :/

It's still a really fun game! Great job at the visuals and sounds!

Fun game! Keep it up!

The controls are nice and the graphics are really good! Keep it up.

Even though the game is really hard. I found it relaxing by the calm music. Nice visuals!

Nice game! I like the cutscene at the beginning. Keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback! The directional gravity is one of my favourite mechanics.

No thanks. I love to see what other people made  and give feedback!

I never clicked my mouse button so fast since i played cookie clicker! Good game with nice graphics.

I really like the cute pixel art! Pretty good for your first game. Keep it up!

Thanks for playing!

After uploading, i found a bug that after clicking 'next month' you can click it again while the month results. So you go through multiple months at once, that wasn't supposed to happen.

Nice that you made a video about it!

I think the answer is "Genius", Thanks!

And i didn't had enough time to change the 'All way back to the beginning' problem. 

Thanks for your feedback! (And your nice puzzle!)

I had not thought about the mouse axis , but thanks for the feedback! 

And about the space the game takes at first, I've not seen that before. 

Thanks for your comment!  ^-^