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Thank you so much! I wish you luck too on the next Jam, if you are planning to participate!

What a shame your problem... That's one of the most funny but annoying aspects of making a videogame, your forget a little thing and suddendly all goes down! Thank you, and best luck to you too!


I just noticed that the game has an issue that makes the start menu to not be activated, so its impossible to play it. The submittion for the jam its completely closed, so I can't fix it until it ends.

I want to apologize to Mark Brown, because I have annoyed him on the grace deadline for nothing. I'm so sorry.

It was a mistake to not check that all was running properly after the build. But well, rookie mistakes! I was in a very hurry, and hadn't time for check all the stuff. 

Luck to the rest of the participants on the GMTK Game Jam 2021!