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Can you upload the sound files as a .zip. It is really hard to download so many files induvidually.


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I purchased many of your platformer assets and they are nice.

But some of the characters like this pack look really really bad for me.

The style is certainly unique but the characters look really really deformed and ugly. Maybe unique is not always good

I hope you create more traditional platformer assets like the Vikings one, Fantasy one and Ancient one.

Some other packs with this style (fat heads) look OK because they don't look like they had their neck broken. The neck placement and legs make these not good for me.

I didn't buy this one and other one which has same neck and leg style. I bought most other stuff.

But if people are buying these, then don't take my sugesstion into account. Afterall one man's trash is another man's treasure and vice versa.

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Does this support slopes?

Can you show a demo with slopes?

0.6.1 - Fixed Platform Actor bouncing when coming from a slope to a floor

Edit: Seems it does support slopes. Cool!

Edit: Bought it. Hope it will be cool.

Thank you!