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This is really neat. Other people have left in-depth replies, but here's one small things: There's not a lot of pressure in the over-world layer right now. In FTL and other scene-to-scene roguelikes like Slay the Spire, persistent player health across scenes makes taking or avoiding fights a substantive decision. I personally *like* that you have made healing a pretty loose thing, but that does remove some of the tension from the larger arc of the game, even in the demo. It feels like it is always, 100% the right move to look for every fight possible and cover all the area to do so, because the only risk is losing a ship part, and if one is doing that on a regular basis, that's already a problem. Nothing more about that or any suggestions, just a thought.

Anyway, like the game, very cool, and if the demo is this engaging it's a good sign for the full release. Best of luck.