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Nice! I hope you had fun with every level.

Great call out on promoting experimentation. We wanted to the player to try and try until they understand specific mechanics and how they work together.

Great suggestion on path finding. We actually put in keyboard controls initially in order to test quicker. But we always wanted to keep the game fully point-and-click based so that the player can slow down and focus on the puzzles. 

I have to try that then. I feel like rethinking game design for a mobile experience would be a fun new thing.

Was a fun 2048 variant. I loved the music choice. I really liked seeing your game progression in the discord channel too. Well done.

This game was so much fun! The puzzles were so clever, but I wish there were more levels. When can we expect more? :)

Really fun game. I liked the simple tetris variant with merges. I thought it was a great idea for a jam.

I felt like straight line blocks were pretty op. Other than that, thanks for the cool game.

The bullet collision sound is so satisfying. It was fun to merge while dodging a ton of bullets. The fast pace was nice too. Great game.

Nice, fast paced game. I love the art! 

I have to say... For such a simple game, I had a lot of fun! Your game is probably one of the most fun games out of all the submissions. Well done.

Great ideas. Same to you!

The Mac client doesn't seem to start the game when i press "Start Game".

Cool game! I loved how the game taught you how to play as you progressed. I loved the chameleon character too. I thought the hit boxes were a bit unforgiving though!

Very creative game. It sort of had a 3d aspect to it, which made it unique to most games in this jam.

The  game was extremely difficult. It took me a while to figure out the controls - Even now, I don't know exactly how to navigate each level.

No problem, all the games are so great! Happy jamming!

I really enjoyed your game! It was such a fun and simple puzzle. I hope to see more future levels!

Fun game! The art was awesome. And the main character was adorable.

I think there's a sound bug if you hold down jump. Other than that, awesome game!

Creative game. The graphics really very original! Did you create the assets?

I liked that the tank could shoot, but I expected it to be super satisfying. Maybe add kickback? Maybe get shot back 2 cells?

Controls were pretty tough. I kept accidentally bumping into enemies! But this was such a creative game. Looks like it would work well for mobile :)

Cool game. I liked the color theme, I saw that the player turned yellow when I was green and merged with red :) 

The levels were sort of frustrating though. I kept accidentally hitting the spikes. Maybe I'm a noob!

Awesome game. I was wondering who was going to make the Git game! It would've been awesome if it sped up more as we were getting closer to "release date". lol. 

Hi @Inglo Games! Try now. I forgot to update it with the working version. The zip file for linux should be the executable and the .pck file now.

Thank you!  I think it could be. I've never exported a Godot game to mobile, have you?

Thanks! Glad you liked the challenge. I hope you found them fun and not frustrating?

Thank you for the call outs! In our recent games, @imgoinghamm was our dedicated art and audio guy. It helped a lot having assets that fit the feel of this game.

Thanks for awesome response Griddolini.

+1 to updating mouse mechanics.

You should probably require crops to progress in the game/survive, in some fashion or another since they aren't useful now.

I think this would be a fantastic change. And the explanation you gave was great. Also, if we did a time-based constraint on the game with rounds, it might make the player feel like they're actually progressing. The only "progression" we have is score and slowly increasing amount of aliens.

I'm really happy you noticed the alien speed up, it was such a last minute feature. But it ended up being great.

Absolutely, one of our devs @imgoinghamm wanted to implement very simple buffs when taking care of crops: reduced reload times, faster movement speed, hp bonus etc.

That hook + camera change would be awesome. It seems to be a consensus that it might make the game feel better. I think we'll try it!

Thanks @Inglo Games. Glad you felt like balance was there. And I loved that you noticed the shotgun kickback.

Great feedback on not going that much faster with the chain. Yeah, we wanted to stay on theme. And we were all obsessed with making a hook mechanic :).

For the issue with protecting one patch - We definitely need to implement more incentive to visit multiple areas. 

Thanks natedog2424!

You’re thinking maybe it’d Be smoother if the camera followed the mouse instead of the player? Good suggestion on different alien behaviors, definitely on the backlog!


This is such great feedback, thank you! I agree on the "no use for the crops except the score" part. We want the crop collecting to provide the character temporary buffs, but we just had no time to do it. I like your suggestion about regen'ing life.

you guys should try to push the visuals of what matters to the player; make the aliens bigger and the background not as distracting.

And this suggestion is something that I think would make the game so much better. Thanks again!

I totally feel you on that. There's just not enough time.

Let me know for the future, I'd love to collab.

Yeah! 7zip! Maybe I had an issue earlier. I'll try again here soon.

I'm having trouble opening the Windows .rar. Anyone else?

Ahhh that blinking mechanic makes sense then! I think your game has the most fun mechanic in terms of "harvest".  Also... I LOVE necromancer themed games. I'm going to play until I get OP like you're saying.

I was waiting for the submission that attempted a square puzzler like this! Great game, nice and simple. I had fun. I wish the combos could've been more obvious to attempt.

It's refreshing to see a simple typing game. Your game was so clever how it made a story from simple gameplay.

It would've been awesome if the words got longer and longer each round. And it would've been cool to type out a story!

Super fun! Your pixel art was an inspiration for my future games.

I love how simple the game is.

I really enjoy games that are simple with addicting mechanics. Your game has that! It's fun to try to min-max the attack, heal, and recoil. Your music was SO good. I see the game becoming exponentially better with more items to use and deeper story/progression.

So much fun! A very relaxing game. It was a fun challenge to look ahead. This game is addicting!

Found a bug where it wouldn't show the game over screen when the snake was blocking all possible options. I think the game thought we had options because we had a yellow power up.

Honestly, if this was a mobile game, I'd install immediately!

Harvesting ships to take control... is genius. My heart stopped when there was a big ship to hack :droolface:.

The ships might need balancing. It seemed like I could play as 1 ship the whole game and it seemed OP.

Such awesome cover art. This game was so clever and so much fun. I liked the "chain" concept to harvest the veggies. I really enjoyed the animations! 

I would've had more fun if I could play without reading the wall of text. Every "aha!" moment for me came when I just played through the level. The text explanations only kind of helped. Maybe show an in-game tutorial? Or video?