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thanks! Hope you enjoyed!

Nice game submission! I can see you put a ton of polish into the game. I noticed really cool details like: screen transitions after a level finishes, screen shake when you blow up cans, engine slow motion when you get hurt... those things are really cool. Really liked your upgrade system too. I definitely would love to move and attack faster. And I'd love to be able to hold left click for more shooting. Dodging enemies is like the hardest thing in this game, so being able to just spray at them with with Kolt would be :chefskiss:. Thanks for the fun game.

This game had really nice artwork and music, enjoyed those a lot. I think the controls felt a little clunky. I hope you get to work on the game again after the jam.

Nice use of the theme! There's something nice about games with simple, clean shapes. I enjoyed your game and I thought you had great puzzles. I think the game could get even better with simple audio queues, but it's good anyway. 

Nice voxel style game. It was super fun to just destroy the place with bombs haha. And I liked the slime movement! I got a little frame lag from the explosions, but honestly I get that its hard to avoid that on the web build. Solid game!

Nice simple platformer. Good use of the  theme too. I wish that I had more leniency on that platform jumping. Many times, I pressed spacebar too late! The game was really good at teaching you how to play. Nice solid submission.

No, you're crying. SHEEEEEEEEESH Kenneth.

This was a really great story game, great simple message at the end too. I wish I could've made more decisions in the middle, but I get that those branching stories can get complicated. I enjoyed how you used the plant as a message in this game - You took the "growth" theme to a level I didn't even think of. Thanks for the great emotional game.

thanks for playing! Yeah, good feedback about the camera zoom. I think I’ll add that as a new feature. I hope you enjoyed!

Haha I know. The performance degrades on this version of the game. And believe it or not, it’s because of the scoring on the UI. I have a fix for it, but couldn’t change it for the jam submission. I’m happy you played it for so long still D4yz! If you want to play the patched version with less bugs, I’ll be posting it right after the jam voting period ends.

An animation is a good idea too! Looking forward to seeing changes in the future.

This game has a really nice art style, but I couldn't figure out the controls. Looks like you have a great initial game here!

This was a really fun 2d platformer. I liked how you provided multiple ways to move around. I love that right click mechanic. I would just try to memorize where the water was in the level and shoot the right click at it whenever my water was low. I would suggest making the water decrease much slower. The way I see it, the water should rise quicker than it lowers. Great submission though!

Dang these growth vines are so OP. Ha. I wish I had an indicator for the scissors range! Pretty fun though, I really like the sound effects.

This is a very relaxing game. I love the 3d animations you gave the character, that's really well done. The well interaction was fun! I was hoping that I could water the flower with right click.

Nice! I'm glad you just tried that out, that's how it should be. When goats eat hay, they move to the hay spot's spot. So you can keep the goat moving if they already have hay to eat next to them. Thank you for playing.

Thanks for the kind words Rafilly.

Thanks Oeslian. The goats thank you too!

This was a lot of fun! It's really really clean and polished for your first game jam submission. I especially liked how smooth the movement felt. And the subtle animations were really fun. Also, I noticed the location indicators, showing you where the friendly and enemy letters were - nice touch. I think my hand cramped trying to push the friendly letters into the green zone, I hope that can get easier!

Great submission.

I would love to ask you a few things about UI design in Discord at some point. That's such a highly underrated skill. This game showed your expertise in UI, no questions asked. Any suggested resources for learning  UI to make it easy for players?

TBH qtip, killer game for 1 day. Hope to see more!

Nice simple submission. I think its a really good take on the theme, uncontrollable fires spreading. I liked the background music too. I think the controls were a little tough for me, because I could rotate when I was stuck in a single spot, so I could aim unless I had 1 space to move towards that direction. Hope you get a chance to continue this game. Solid!

This is really polished game, holy moly. I loved the charming pixel art, did you all do i t yourselves?

I really liked how intuitive the dice action UI was at the bottom left. Like, it was so easy to learn your game and start having fun. I absolutely love this game. Also, nice touch on showing the next die.

Super original game idea. I thought it was hard to figure out, but I learned! I really enjoyed the music in this game, well done.

Yo this is so fun! Also so fun to see another fellow 3d game submission!

The art in this game is eye catching,  I really enjoyed looking at the game. I thought the ship particles were cool, the glowy green thorns on the spheres, and the cool horizon. I do wish the shooting was tied to the mouse though - and maybe following the cursor? I also wish there were some more feedback on when I was killing the plant Overall, really cool submission.

Nice simple game. I think it's a great idea for a jam.

I actually really enjoyed the particles/spritework you did for the ship trails. Cool detail. I think it would've been nice to have juicy sound effects. And more time to get to the blood cells. Solid submission overall.

Oh man, those pesky trees ruining my garden... :) 

This got addicting really fast. It was fun to clear a whole space. And I think your instructions at the beginning of the game made it really clear what the goal was. But I think it got a little frustrating that trees just popped up right when you were working on a space. I also think that it would've been nice to hold down mouse 1 to put down flowers quicker. Overall, really solid submission!

Super interesting game. I ended up playing for a while. This had a papers please-esque way about it. I think I found that it took a long time to download progress, but I think I understand the gameplay. Hope you work on this more after the jam. Good work.

This game is so much fun! It had a ton of polish too. Love that the control inputs felt like an RTS. Sometimes it got difficult selecting just 2 bunnies... but I ended up just left clicking 1 at a time when i couldn't capture multiple in the selection square. I also really enjoyed the dialog and text. Well done!

thanks for playing Nisovin!  I think I need to put more context in front of the player when they first load into the game. I didn’t want too many instructions… but maybe I needed it :)

Willow! Hello! I have bad news to tell you… I didn’t use the Godot icon this time :(.

Your feedback is really spot on. All of these have been on my mind and I think I need to change them. The board size is one of them, the game gets exhausting because of it too. I think as for mechanics instructions and indications, I either need to add more to the tutorial text or add much more indicators in game. Thank you for playing! 

ha, good point about the theme. I tried to make it so that the pumpkins “had to grow uncontrollably”. But I think you’re right. I’m happy you enjoyed it!

thank you. I was definitely going for relaxing. I’m happy you enjoyed it!

Hey thanks for the kind words! How did you find my game if you don't mind me asking?

thank you for the stream!

Haha the game was definitely dark. Thanks for playing. Yeah the frame lag is a definite improvement I need to make.

Simple, effective gameplay. I really loved the enemy death animations, super juicy.

Really awesome puzzle game, really enjoyed this game. It has a lot of opportunity to become a better and better game, you introduced the mechanics really well!

This is a great game! I really like the top down 3d look, that was really cool to see. I also liked the player animations you did and the tentacle AI movement, I noticed how smooth the tentacles rotated and changed directions. It would have been cool if I could hold down Left mouse button to continue to shoot instead of continuously click - But thats a simple thing. Good submission!

The background perspective is really cool. I enjoyed that a lot. I think the mechanics got a little wonky, especially attacking and climbing vertically. But I think this is a start to a good game.

Very nice puzzle design. For me, I really like the simplicity of the game. I thought it was cool that it started off slow and then added more and more mechanics. Sometimes spacebar just wouldn't work for me, maybe it's just the web client (firefox).