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The controls are intentionally confusing, I agree the combat isn't as good as I'd like it to be. Yes music would be great! Thanks for playing :) 

Glad to hear it! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much! The game is from a game jam and hasn't been updated since so there is definitely some issues with it.

Thank you! 

That's okay, you don't have to play it 

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Cool idea, I wish the game was harder and I could interact with the other player more though. 

Fun game play, my only feedback would be to make the view larger and add some screen shake/flash to make the bullets seem more impactful. 

Glad you enjoyed the art! But in fact all the mountains are made using a 4x4 tile set,  the trees in the background are a layered 4x4 tile set, and the castle walls are also a tile set . The only assets in the game that do not fit on a 4x4 and are not a tile set are the player/enemy animations, the blacksmith/blacksmith's house, and the graveyards. 

Here's an example of how the mountains are made: 

Glad you enjoyed, I agree some more enemies is a must. Maybe in a future update!

Thank you!

It has been added!

Very cool game, I love the smart use of tiles to crate the planets!

it is definitely on the to do!

Awesome, thanks! My email is:

That would be awesome! Thank you. Here's the source:

This video is awesome! Glad you enjoyed :)

That looks awesome!

The character is all done! Theres also a preview version included with the guns pack too!

The character is roughly 20x20 pixels

Awesome game, love the aesthetic! 

Yeah definitely, I actually already have one in the works!

Unique gameplay, could use some polish and a way to tell how big your bubble is. Good job :)

Lot's of fun with great art, plus it's nice to see another GameMaker user :) Great job!

No our experience was similar, I mean the progression through the level is finite because of the oxygen spawn rate. So you can only so far before its luck of the draw with oxygen spawns.

Lots of fun to play, good artwork. Well done!

Definitely my favorite submission so far, awesome artwork and game play. Great job! 

This game is strangely addicting, manged to get a high score of 319!

Fun game play, great artwork and music. Good job!

Decent mechanics, though I would like to see more options for progression through the level as it feels a bit finite with the amount of oxygen, maybe adding upgrades in the future would fix this. Overall good job!

Enjoyable and simple, the artwork could use some more hue shifting but other than that, good job! 

Great to hear that you enjoyed it!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Yeah the music was a loop thrown together 20 minutes before the deadline, I definitely hope to update the game! 

Are you sure you missed the deadline? I see your game in the submissions, is this not it?

Sure thing, here's the link:

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Sounds good just fire me a message when you're ready to submit and I'll send you the link you need

No, but you can feel free to make new game for jam.