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Hey, I checked it out and stopped when I got to sector 2. I thought it was pretty rad and appreciate this kind of art style. I used the gamepad input (because I'm on my laptop currently). I'm not overly comfortable with gamepads in FPSs, but I was able to get through because the controls felt nice and tight. 

I do have a few critiques:

1) I'd like a bit less intrusion for the explanation of mechanics or problem solving. I really liked the NPC who explained things at first but after awhile he/she really bugged me, which I am sure is not the intention. As an example, after I checked the map to see where the distress signal was originating from, and was running over to the spot, it buzzed me to tell me to... check the map to see where the distress signal was coming from haha. I'm sure some tweaking can improve this, like using a timer to see if the player uses a mechanic/gets how to solve the problem, and then buzzing in if the timer's value is exceeded (and/or adding an option to disable hints altogether). I'm unsure whether this could be helped with the player character doing some self-talk ("Found the key card!") when they find things like keycards, but that's another idea so that the player isn't being interrupted by the same entity each time something happens. 

2) A difficulty scale would be nice. I play a lot of FPSs and if I were using a mouse/keyboard setup I don't think this would have been as challenging. That being said, I only beat sector 1 lol. 

Overall, quite enjoyable. I can't wait to see where the project goes from here :).