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I've run into an issue during the Interlude where you interact with the wolf and Faranne. When you select the choice to put your hand near the wolf, the screen fades to black and the background music keeps playing but the game just gets stuck.

Thanks. It was a nice experience to participate in another jam and one that purposefully doesn't focus on "good" art. I had planned to add more content but due to time, problems that arose during development, and working alone, I had to stick with the working/functional build I was able to make.

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to make a video about my game. The game is basic in game play and was what I was able to get within the time frame considering I worked on the game by myself. I was unaware about the option for VR that you mentioned since I didn't noticed that when I built and tested the game before submission.

Thank you for the resource. I might try to learn and implement some of these art techniques.

I don't see that being a problem either. I'll probably be using low poly or "not great" 3d models in my game.