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Hi there Rava, if youre reading this, im buying the game the next week, BUT i have 2 questions,1) Does the game keep the custom items from the 2015 update ,  ? cause i have flash version and i have over 100 items whose i wont like to lose, 2)When i buy the game Will i have access to future updates? this sound stupid or silly but, it says, When you buy the game a link will be made for download, does this mean that when i buy the game will only have the Update I bought the game with? If you awnser these, thank you rava <3 been playing MAD2 since 2015 

edit:i might buy it today <3

Edit2: Bought it 3 mins ago, Performance is poorly :c my pc ran the 2015 version 60 fps always but now dem game lags af , 

so, Could you a next update optimizate the game?..? i know im not the only one here with that problem.

though il'l keep Playing the game :3