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Ran into an issue at the beginning of the game. When the game's launched it pops up in windowed mode (there doesn't seem to be any way to make it full screen), and if I make the window any bigger than the original size it won't let me click on the events. Very odd, I guess you just have to play the game in the original window size.

Easily the best game from the Meta Game Jam I've played. Love everything about it! Fun short play.

Super cool game!

Got some bugs with falling through the map at parts, but really fun.

It's basically a Fish version of "Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy" lol.

After I got a hang of the controls it was a super fun! A bit frustrating at times, but still fun.

This is super good, and also super scary! I'm actually in the middle of playing it right now while I type this and I didn't know it would be this spooky lol.