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1). stop bragging about your wins

2). stop lying about your wins

3). if it is true, find some way to prove it

okay good for you! You won a couple of games, stop bragging bro. If you want to brag then win more games than just 2.

what's gotten down hill? Your spelling?

sorry, don't have twitter, maybe instagram?

If you want buildings like that, go play Fortnite, we like how  surviv,io is already. 

People kill you because they can, and if you don't have a weapon, that's an easy kill you them. Maybe next time get some weapons, and stop complaining about dying in a game that is a last man standing kind of thing. 

And also am I talking you? No, so mind your own business.

Yes I can. Watch me!


I can report you for telling me to rot in hell. You're threatening me, and you do remind me of someone at my middle school. I hope he doesn't have an account on this.

You right click on the ammo. There's a controls menu. After you get all the controls, the game will be more fun.

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Stop, this game is great, and if you don't like it, then go play Fortnite. Also on my computer, it works great, so it's your computer not the game. Also, why are you getting so mad about the game, man. It's a free good game. And the your comment to so rude, the people who made this game is probably upset because of you. I'll like you see you make a game that's as good as this one. Tell me when you're done. You remind me of someone at my school, he's a little no, a big asshole. I think you guys are brother or something.