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Has there been an update on this?  I would like to make a pre-launch devlog for a game I'm making, whose development I'm taking more seriously.  I don't want to publicly "launch" a project if there's no chance if it being seen from searching later on.

I figure a solution to this is to make two projects, one for the "pre launch" and one for the "actual game", but it seems like a workaround.

Lol, this game must take a lot of tweaking.  It's so intricate. 

Hey I enjoyed this game a lot!  I found it from searching the "breakout" tag (one I have also populated).  Focusing on controlling two places at once felt like a unique modifier for breakout and the game looks great.  I got a score of 7160 on my last playthrough.

My only suggestions are these:

  • Consider another way to destroy solid blocks other than bombs.  If the grid either fills up with solids by pure chance OR the only living balls get stuck (something that happened to me eventually in every play), the player is stuck.  I would suggest giving each solid brick a very large "health" value that is depleted with every ball hit, to get rid of the stuck ball issue.
  • Allow the player to change the horizontal velocity of the ball somehow, either by hitting a certain part of the paddle, or using the paddle velocity to change the ball velocity.  This would give the player more control over the bottom part of the game.

Anyway, I had fun and would play again :)

I love how this game looks!  The sounds can get a little annoying (specifically just the enemy spawning (?) "woo woo" sound) but it's nice to have the options to turn them off.  The only real complaint I have as a player is that the ship moves a bit slowly to dodge enemy bullets.  Also I was forced to use WASD because the arrow keys would scroll my browser around in addition to moving my spaceship.  Maybe that's just a Chrome issue.  

I had fun!

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To unlock Endless mode:  Complete Classic mode on Tough difficulty.
To unlock Nightmare difficulty in Classic mode:  Complete Classic mode on  Tough difficulty in a single run.
To unlock Nightmare difficulty in Endless mode:  Complete Classic mode on Nightmare difficulty.

Thanks dude!  I didn't know about love2d.  I wonder if I can make a rhythm game in Game Maker Studio as well provided I can find the right tools in the API or extensions.  About to release a game with that today.  Thanks for the tips!

Is it hard to make a rhythm game?  Specifically, how difficult is it to make the timing work correctly on different machines?  Have you followed any guides or guidelines for this sort of thing?  Thanks in advance.

I won!

Nice game!  Even having played the Sonic minigame myself, your game feels unique which is a plus.  The physics and controls are easy to understand.  Though I was sort of surprised that there is gravity considering it looks like it's from a top-down perspective.  Seems like the hard part, if you choose to develop this game more, will be balancing the physics and level design.  A lot of the challenges are easy to "cheese" by using small launch times.

Hope you can get it to work on!  Best of luck with future projects.

Neat prototype.  I like the puzzle style.  I can't say I haven't seen swap puzzles before, but your aesthetic is very pleasing.  I'm stuck on level 3.  I'm not sure how to get to the door with a green gem, since to my knowledge I need to operate the elevator using two green gems and I can only find one on the level.   I will have to come back to this.

Hey fellow Game of Life enthusiast!  I really like this project; I've never tried the Game of Life in 3d before.  The controls are surprisingly easy to handle and the presentation is clean.  My only question is why is the default game rule an infinite spreading one?  Surely there's a better ruleset for 3d that gives dynamic life and death similar to 23/3 in 2d game of life.