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Wow, thanks! I liked your video, and I have to say it's pretty awesome of you to do this.

Download links are fixed! Thanks for the help everybody!

I think I know what the problem is. When my Mac is exporting the game it says "This file is for use with Windows. Ending process." I'm guessing that I'll have to transfer my files to a PC in order to export the game properly. I believe my Mac export is fine and I will re-upload that tonight with a fixed PC export.

No that was not. I just clicked the export button and exported for both Windows and Mac. I'll look at my exporting and see if I can figure things out. Thank you.

Patched the downloads once again. I forgot a music stop tag in the beginning, but it wasn't too immersion breaking as I had one quickly after where I would've designated this new one. Any future downloaders can now enjoy it a bit more.

Download links have been fixed!

Sorry everyone for the faulty windows download! I'll be sure to fix that and will be getting this game back online later tonight.