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sorry I don’t know when. I’ve been taking time off in between working on it. As of now, which could change, it’s about a sister in law. I don’t really want to say more on details as it could change completely. Thanks.

no, i placed it there should i continue with the story in the future.

Sorry about that. I feel like I need something new to work on for a while. I might pick it back up later on.

Thanks. I appreciate it. After 6 months, I'm just wanting to start something fresh. I was starting to feel dragged down on it. If that makes any sense. I tried to leave it open encase I wanted to come back to it.

it's at the end. you may have to start a new game. sorry.

Sorry. Only the demo is free.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

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you only buy it once. i don't charge per update. it should be available in your library.


I appreciate it, thank you. I hope you're doing well also.

Thank you. I appreciate it. :)

No. It was the reason I was deindexed and removed from platforms with my old account. Thanks for asking.

The Demo is  a public/free option. Any update after that is only meant for those that support me. Other creators release a previous build for free after so many days have passed. Those creators also have subscribers on other sites as well. I don't have monthly subscribers. I rely on itch sales for income and I only ask that people pay once per project. Which has been $5 per game. I believe that to be a fair price. They can pay over that if they wish and there are a few that do each update, which I appreciate. 

Thank you for the question.

Haha. Thanks

I noticed you've already purchased the game about a month ago. I don't have any tools to issue a refund for your 2nd purchase. But, I have contacted support to issue a refund on my behalf. That's about all I can do for you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully they will resolve this for you.

No. I only charge once.

i haven't decided whether or not there will be a open harem. it's likely i'll leave a path for it. but, i don't want to dedicate to doing it for now. if that makes any sense. thanks for the support.

they are in different paths based on choices.

i am glad you enjoy solaris exodus. thank you.

i have moved on to another project (  so i consider this one done. for me to revisit a project there needs to be a high demand for it. i hope you understand. thanks again.



I just released v0.4.

Thanks I appreciate it. 

I agree thank you for the feedback.

There is more to Lola's character than the random encounter. But, I don't know when or if I'll get to it. :)

not sure yet.

I've considered it. But, I'm not sure yet if I want to. It doesn't take much to run and maintain one. But, it's a extra step for me to manage.  Maybe later on if there is enough interest.

thank you.

i sent you a email.

Thanks :)

I've created some characters and I'm concepting the story. Nothing is really set in stone so far. But, the protagonist will be a young guy this go around.


i doubt it would pass their content filter. so probably not.

no, sorry.



Thanks for your continued support Paul. I know you've been around a while. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the question. It isn't silly at all. Yes, it will be completed in the next update. If there is a considerable amount of people who want the story to be developed more in the future. It's something I am open to doing. For now, I'm wrapping the story up where it's at so I can move on. I want to see if I can create something that might be a little more appealing and continue to grow. Thanks.


Thanks. Steam is something I'll consider adding it to later.