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Varga "Archmage" Aronmen

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I'm glad you liked it. I'd call it a walking simulator, but I guess visual novel fits as well.

I took a backwards approach, and wanted to express how he lacks magic in his life. Looking back, maybe my game was a bit forced into the theme. Anyways, I'm glad you found the game interesting.

The jumping is terrible, and it's so sad because everything else was so good about this game, and this single aspect brings it all down.

Neat idea, but there should be a punishement for pressing too early, because now there is nothing stopping the player from just quickly tapping space like a machine gun and winning easily.

This is incredible! The atmosphere and the humour is really enjoyable. Only if I could difuse at least a single bomb. :D

Really like the concept. I would love to see if one day, outside of the game jam it gets developed into a bigger game.

A quite simple but very fun game.

Thanks for the comment! I'll see what I can do.

That last choice, that last choice was really hard. I wished I could have chosen all the options. Nice game! It affected me more than I expected.

Spoilers I guess: At the end it was a bit funny to see my thoughts written back to me, as one of them literally was just "Cookies." Great game though.

Thank you for your comment! I'll keep these in mind next time I make  a text adventure.

That's an incredible idea. I really enjoyed it, although it's a bit too hard for me. (But that's just my own personal problem)