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the undefeated

A member registered Jun 10, 2018

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lol i mean't right click but i said double click


you have have to press c while you double click

in solos


Scar-H or Famas

try looking at your map by pressing m and going to crates or try killing other players too get loot

the map is pretty small and theres 70 players which is why you can't waste any time when looting

it was a joke??!?!

no problem

someone said to press alt and f4 at the same time might work might not

numbers aren't everything but yeah its a pretty fun game

the problem must be with your computer every youtube video about people can see themselves and can shoot their weapons

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1 i think the bullet ricohet is a pretty interesting gimmick but hey opinions plus theres only some walls that are reflective 2 its a fucking io game so of course the graphics aren't going to be the best and when compared to other io games actually has decent graphics 2 battle royale is a genre not just one game thats like saying call of duty ripped off battlefield because there both first person shooters 3 its kinda pathetic that your username is sucks dick and makes you look like a immature 7yr old.